Our employee call-off hotline provides comprehensive attendance reporting made available through our online dashboard and employee self-service portal. Our dashboard gets updated in real-time, so you can rest assured that you are always getting the most accurate picture of your workforce.

Employee Call-Off Lines from CMS Include Detailed Attendance Tracking Reports and Data Insights

Employee attendance reports provide essential information about a business’s primary asset: its employees. Attendance reports are more than just a series of timestamps and numbers that tell you when employees clock in and out. When employees are absent, that cost can have a significant impact on a business’s overall costs.

Call-Off Hotline Reporting Highlights

Employee Portal

Provides employees a way to monitor their attendance easily and frees up supervisors’ time from answering questions regarding infractions.

Employer Dashboard

Our employer dashboard provides real-time access to employee attendance data, including call histories, time-stamped records, and recordings of every call. Standard metrics also include comprehensive reports by employee, department, shift, and location.

Individual Personnel Reports

All data is retained in our system from Day 1 and can be used to track personnel-specific metrics and create related reports. For example, a complete history is available for each employee, along with reports such as call-offs by day of the week and infraction type. Data is also exportable for unemployment compensation and grievance issues.

Workforce Attendance Analytics & Metrics

Within employee attendance data, there are often trends and insights that can be analyzed and reported. For example, daily infraction rates can help predict staffing needs. In addition, HR can utilize the data to spot pattern abuse, run employee or department-specific reports, defend against disputes, and more.

Available Metrics and Reports

  • Roster Summary
  • Blackout Dates/Exception Dates
  • System History – Data Integrity Report
    • Notifications to HR/Manager when a person’s record is changed option
  • Report List
    • Roster Breakdown
    • Perfect Attendance Report
    • Infraction Rates (Annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly)

The Importance of Accurate Attendance Data

Attendance reports can also show which employees are best suited for a business by gathering data on who consistently arrives early, on time, late, or absent without an acceptable reason.

When collected accurately and thoroughly, employee attendance information can help businesses:

Improve Productivity

Often, areas of a business where employees are consistently late or absent are the areas that are less productive and more wasteful of time or resources. Attendance reports can identify these areas, enabling you to enforce your attendance policy and discuss concerns with the appropriate parties.

Maintain Compliance

Federal regulations can be complex, but your business must comply with them. Documenting employee attendance satisfies many of these regulations, such as addressing paid time off and safety requirements.

Enforce Policies Consistently

To avoid conflicts and ensure your attendance policy is as effective as possible, you must consistently enforce your policies. Our system will help you standardize your absence reporting processes and automate attendance tracking tasks such as updating employee points, sending notifications, and generating documents.

Put Your Employee Attendance Data to Use with CMS

If your business doesn’t have a sound employee attendance reporting system, then it’s not operating at its full potential. Contact CMS to find out how to improve your business with our employee attendance solutions.