Tracking employee attendance is essential to managing your business and maintaining productivity. CMS attendance tracking solutions can help you control costs, improve productivity, and simplify policy enforcement. 

Track Employee Absences and Call-ins

Our Employee Attendance Tracking solutions integrate directly with a call-off line that captures call-offs, late arrivals, early departures, and any other unplanned leave request made per your company’s call-in procedures. 

Our employer dashboard provides numerous analytics capabilities, including: 

  • Historical data for every employee
  • The ability to report on data by location, department, date range, and more
  • Detailed records of infraction types and call-off reasons
  • Automated point tracking and policy adherence
  • A reporting dashboard with charts that provide an at-a-glance view of infractions by type, department, day of the week, and more
  • The ability to create and export custom reports 

Our platform can make it easier to address challenges, including: 

  • Excessive Overtime
  • Inconsistencies Between Reported and Recorded Work Hours
  • Determining the Cost of Absences
  • Consistent Absenteeism or Tardiness
  • Disputes About Available Time Off
  • Variance in Attendance Between Departments
  • Pattern Abuse
  • Shift Fill 

Know Now, Not Later

If an employee isn’t consistently showing up for their shifts, the employer needs to know to address the problem. An accurate attendance record can be crucial in that process.

With daily attendance records, employers know who is available to take over the tasks of the absent or tardy employee. It’s important to know when employees arrive late or when they need to miss work and why. When an employee is absent, it doesn’t just affect that individual. It affects the entire company.

An employee attendance tracking service keeps the workflow moving by notifying employers when an employee is tardy or calls to report an absence. 

Save Time Over Manual Attendance Trackers

CMS Employee Attendance Tracking solutions provide numerous benefits over standard attendance tracker spreadsheets, helping you save time and improve absence management.  

With attendance tracking from CMS, there is no almost no data entry. Instead, employee call-offs and other attendance events captured via our call-off hotline get logged automatically, and the data is immediately available within our dashboard. So employee attendance data will always be at your fingertips. 

Automate Routine Employee Attendance Tracking Tasks

In addition to having attendance infractions logged automatically via our call-off hotline, our system can help you automate other routine attendance tasks, including notifications, document generation, reporting, and more. 

You will no longer have to spend countless hours interpreting data in a spreadsheet or manually completing processes related to policy enforcement. We can even automate your point tracking system

Protect Your Business and Improve Productivity

Employee attendance tracking also goes a long way in preventing conflict between employees and employers. For example, wrongful termination claims can mean severe consequences for an employer who doesn’t have a way to prove that the employee wasn’t following the company’s attendance policy. However, with the time-stamped and recorded call records that CMS provides, everything is tracking consistently and accurately. 

Attendance tracking doesn’t just benefit employers and HR departments, though. The employee reporting their absence will also appreciate accessing their attendance record via our online reporting system. This way, they’ll be aware of how much time off they still have available to them for vacation or sick leave and be able to plan accordingly.

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