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Employee Attendance Tracking with Continental Message Solution

Employees are paid to come to work. Keeping track of employee attendance is a key part of employee management and human resources. When you know something as basic as when someone is showing up to work, you also know:

It’s important to know when employees are arriving late, when they need to miss work, and why. When an employee is absent, it doesn’t just affect that individual. It affects the entire company.

An employee attendance tracking service like ours here at Continental Message Solution keeps the workflow going by notifying employers when an employee is tardy or calls to report an absence. To get started, call us today at 1-800-369-8908.

Why Start Our Employee Attendance Tracking Service at CMS?

Employee attendance tracking also goes a long way in preventing conflict between employees and employers. Wrongful termination claims can mean serious consequences for an employer who doesn’t have a way to prove that the employee wasn’t in accordance with the company’s attendance policy. Yet taking unlimited personal days can also hurt the business as well. With the time-stamped and recorded call records that CMS provides, however, it’s unlikely that false claims will be made and accurate attendance issues can be tracked.

Attendance tracking doesn’t just benefit employers and HR departments, though. The employee reporting their absence will also appreciate being able to access a record of their time on and off the clock via the online reporting system. This way, they’ll be aware of how much time off they still have available to them for vacation or sick leave, and be able to plan ahead accordingly when possible.

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Our attendance tracking is one of many services that we offer here at Continental Message Solution. To find out more about our attendance tracking system, or any of our tracking solutions, please contact us today.