Call Handling Automation with Purpose and Proven Performance

Custom Auto Attendant and IVR Services make sense and save money.

While most of us agree that nothing substitutes for a live voice, there are times when Auto Attendant and IVR services make great business sense. CMS clients enjoy the best of both worlds, and even a hybrid combination of the two, when it’s to their business advantage. Customized solutions to best meet their customer and employee needs.

Auto Attendant can dramatically reduce costs when a live operator isn’t required. A great example is outbound calls for things such as appointment reminders, employee call-offs and inbound call transfers to internal extensions, voice mail and more. When customers don’t require a live operator, IVR, Interactive Voice Response deftly moves them through Account Lookup, Account Changes, Event Registration and Check-in and more, and with unrivalled efficiency. We’ll even customize a hybrid employing the best of live and automated services to control costs and serve customers confidently and effectively.

Selected Benefits

  • Reduce costs up to 30% or more with thoughtful automated services.
  • Expedite customers through processes that don’t require a live operator.
  • Appointment reminders and employee notifications are easier than ever.
  • Live/Automated Hybrid models can be customized to your precise needs.

Smart Automation and Customized Live/Automated Hybrids on your terms.