Game-Changing Integration with your Operations

Our industry-leading technology team leads seamless integration.

American Outsourcing doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel. We integrate our Call Center with your existing processes, programs, and web-based applications to enhance operations. Our proprietary systems are designed for broad-based functionality without disruption.

As an example, leads can be pushed directly into your CRM, and CMS agents can open new work tickets for your Help Desk and eliminate wasted tech time entering data. We’ll search your database to better assist your customers, and can even directly interface with your website to assist customers with order processing. A seamless, productive, intelligent and effective solution that exceeds expectations.

Call Center Integration Capabilities:

  • Technology is intelligently leveraged to save you time and money.
  • Reduced data entry equates to a reduction in errors.
  • Integrations with your systems provides customers and end-users a seamless and superior experience.
  • Greater customer and team satisfaction creates a positive, profitable environment.
  • A truly Advanced BPO Call Center that truly means business.

Imagine an Outsourced Call Center functioning like part of your team – that’s CMS!