Affordable, Common Sense Call Center Pricing

Everything is included without the hassle and expense of employees.

Every business understands that the true cost of their employees only begins with base compensation. The hidden costs can be staggering. Taxes, benefits, office space, phones, supplies, materials, equipment, training and ongoing management demands, add to the net operating expense. Little wonder American Outsourcing is fast becoming a preferred alternative.

The challenge is finding a partner with a pricing model that makes sense, both functionally and from a cost perspective. CMS again has raised the bar with a time-based billing model. You pay for time used; we bill by the minute enabling you to enjoy the advantages of 24/7/365 staffing at a fraction of the cost of your own personnel, and has our competitors scratching their heads.

Benefits of CMS Call Center Outsourcing Pricing:

  • Reduced customer service costs with higher customer service quality.
  • Pay for only what you need and the time for services performed.
  • Superior and more efficient Call Center operations at a lower cost.
  • An end to paying employees that are marginally productive.
  • Customers that are satisfied rather than frustrated.

Affordable customer care that translates to a healthier bottom line.