Full-Service, Fully Customized Call Center Solutions

Tailored to your needs, not our convenience.

Think of your Call Center as an extension of your office, functioning to enhance and support your business by answering each call with your name, adhering to your script, and handling them as you specify.  But this is only the beginning; CMS Call Center Services go much farther and that makes all the difference.  It’s your business, you’re in control and the results are clear.

Messages are delivered via email, fax, text, page, or phone call; access through your online dashboard or easily integrated with a third party. Work within your existing operational flow without having to reinvent it.  Calls filtered by priority, time of day and other criteria, ensuring the personalized attention of a receptionist and efficient delivery; transferred or patched as reflects your needs – nights, weekends, after hours and more, efficiently done. Basic services are performed so you don’t have to. Every customer call is always covered.

Our Custom Call Center Delivers:

  • Customized accounts built precisely to your needs.
  • Messages conveyed exactly where they need to go.
  • A seamless, professional presence enhancing your image.
  • Customer-centric, customer-friendly and robust quality control.

More than answering the phone, CMS reduces your costs and your workload.