Call Notifications that are Flexible, Customizable, Personal, and on Your Terms

Message delivery and Call Center Notifications that you control.

It’s about you and your customers, not us or our convenience. But what does that mean? We’ll send messages and notifications via voice, email, text, page, fax, online messaging or through software integration. And if your needs change along the way, we’ll adjust to suit. At CMS, sophisticated Voice, Email and Web-enabled Call Centers that mean business and really take care of business.

We’ll routinely make the call to doctor when a patient is in need, but gently steer after-hours customers to next day when it’s appropriate. They’ll be assured of getting prompt attention because you’ll get email notification as you require. Service calls to technicians can be texted to unobtrusively assist clearing and expedite service. Specified departmental protocols and tiers, per your needs, are all designed to treat your customers like they should be treated. The way we’d all like to be treated.

With Flexible Call Center Notifications from CMS:

  • You get the information you need when you need it, to give customers the service and information they need when they want it.
  • Important items are prioritized and you’re spared what can and should wait.
  • Communicate with your Call Center when you want and the way you want.
  • Count on flexibility that grows with you, supporting you all the way, every day.
  • Prioritize for efficient use of time and control your costs.

Get every message, on-time, every time, and customized your way.