Across Town or Around the World, CMS Can Help!

Call Center Customer Support for 208 Different Languages

Staffing for International support is not only prohibitively expensive, but a headache that consumes valuable resources beyond the dollars. We take the problem off your shoulders with a practical, efficient and effective solution. Every CMS service has the advantage of multilingual support, thanks to a performance-tested partnership with one of the world’s leading interpretation and translation services. Global call center support that’s always there and always ready.

From order processing to technical support, from ethics and fraud hotlines to employee attendance, emergency hotlines and more, CMS answers every call – whatever its origin – with a live voice that’s ready to help. You no longer have to view language barriers as an obstacle to revenue growth and customer satisfaction, because every call is answered locally with global, multilingual capacity and expertise that ignores boundaries and provides the exceptional level of service we’ve been known for since 1967.

Selected Benefits

  • 24/7/365 International Customer Support and Customer Care.
  • Customers receive a translation solution in a matter of seconds.
  • Expand markets and compete globally at a truly affordable cost.
  • CMS clients can tap translation services for onsite needs.

CMS turns unexpected language challenges into sales opportunities.