There is simply No Substitute for a Live Voice

Customers are happiest when every call is answered by a live person.

As customers, there is one thing most of us can agree on. When we call a business and get a recording, or even worse, a dysfunctional phone tree with marginal relevance, we know what’s coming is rarely good. And fair or not, our perception of the company tanks like a bad day on Wall Street. The unfortunate business reality is that it only takes one call to transform a once satisfied customer into an unhappy camper.

At CMS we eliminate that prospect in the way that matters most: every call is answered by a live person. We’ve got the technology to automate it, but common sense prevails. There is no more powerful business-builder than the human touch because customers prefer talking to a person over a machine. Increasingly, more and more companies recognize the decided competitive advantage and positive results in sales and satisfied customers.

Summary of Live Operator Customer Service from CMS:

  • Calls answered by a live voice make for happier customers.
  • Happier customers make stronger, healthier, more profitable companies.
  • Reduce customer frustration from pre-recorded messages and voicemail.
  • Eliminate missing a voicemail message, every call is answered live.
  • When a customer needs help, nothing helps like a live, sympathetic voice.
  • Confusing automated systems alienate but live help inspires and motivates.

Your customers are humans – shouldn’t their call be answered by humans?