Manage your on-call schedule with ease using our web-based on-call scheduling software.

This user-friendly tool makes it easy to update and manage all of your on-call information and sync it with our call center in real-time, from one centralized system.

Set your on-call rotation in advance, maintain multiple schedules, set up personalized contact guidelines for each staff member, and more.

Staff member creating on-call rotation in our scheduling software


  • Create and update your on-call schedule online in real-time
  • Save time and streamline the on-call scheduling process
  • No more faxing, emailing, or calling in on-call changes
  • Manage on-call providers and contact methods
  • View your on-call schedule in calendar view
  • Maintain multiple on-call schedules
  • Assign schedules by call type, region, facility, and other variables
  • Provide backup coverage and call escalation procedures
  • Reduce scheduling errors and coverage issues
  • Collaborate and share on-call scheduling resources

Manage Your On-Call Calendar and Rotation in One Place

Whether you’re a medical practice with two on-call physicians or a national field-service operation dispatching technicians across dozens of offices, our on-call scheduling software gives you complete control over the management of your on-call calendar.

You can create custom schedules that meet the exact needs of your organization. Create schedules that apply to specific call types, facilities, regions, time frames, and more. Maintain multiple on-call schedules simultaneously and schedule coverage as far in advance as you’d like.

Keep Track of Your On-Call Staff and Contact Rules

Keep track of your on-call staff and their contact information directly in the system. Set contact rules and personalize guidelines for each member of your on-call staff. This flexibility makes it possible for each on-call doctor or technician to have their own distinct contact methods.

Our system accounts for the entire escalation process, including contingencies or backup contacts in the event we can’t reach the primary on-call.

Save Time and Eliminate On-Call Scheduling Mistakes

With on-call scheduling from CMS, you can schedule your on-call personnel directly. It is now easier than ever to ensure that your on-call schedule and contact rules are up-to-date. It also saves time by eliminating the need to call, fax, or email the on-call schedule.

Manually submitting your on-call information to the answering service can result in mistakes if it takes too long for the updates to be implemented. It also makes it more difficult to spot errors or make minor updates. While we are always there to help with on-call scheduling issues if you need us, having a centralized scheduling system allows you to make changes at your convenience.

Make Sure Everyone is on the Same Page

The online on-call calendar can be viewed by anyone in your organization that you give access. You can share with other staff members to improve the scheduling process or give access to on-call providers so that they can easily check the schedule. This helps keep everyone on the same page by offering transparency into the scheduling process, which can reduce concerns over how on-call coverage is scheduled and whether on-call policies are being followed consistently.

Sync Your On-Call Schedule with the Call Center

Our on-call scheduling app integrates directly with our 24-hour call center solutions, live answering services, and automated/IVR systems.

Whether we’re taking calls as the after-hours on-call service for a doctor’s office or automatically screening system alerts for an IT company, we utilize your on-call schedule to ensure we’re always reaching the right person.

Our solutions are 100% customizable and can be configured to accommodate any number of on-call rotations or call escalation procedures. Our call center systems and scripting can screen calls, gather information, and escalate to the appropriate on-call per your instructions and on-call schedule.

Who Utilizes Our On-Call Scheduler?

Our on-call scheduling tool is perfect for any organization that maintains an on-call rotation. This on-call coverage is commonly used to support patients, customers, or other stakeholders that make contact through our call center, live answering services, hotlines, or IVR systems.

Examples of clients that utilize our on-call scheduler and call center solutions include:

  • Medical practices with on-call physicians
  • Hospital networks or healthcare organizations with multiple providers such as nurse practitioners (“NPs”) and physician assistants (“PAs”) who supplement physician coverage
  • Home health care or hospice providers with on-call nurses
  • Field-service technicians
  • Social workers and case managers
  • IT support and on-call engineers
  • Property management on-call maintenance
  • And more!

Improve Your On-Call Operation Today

Contact us today to learn more about our on-call scheduling and on-call answering services from CMS. We can help you streamline your on-call scheduling and call escalation processes, allowing you to deliver better service and care to the people you serve. To get started, view our plans and pricing.