We’ve never outsourced a call overseas and never will.

USA-Based CMS Call Center Agents are all native English speakers.

It’s an inarguable fact: Customer Service that is outsourced overseas makes the wrong impression, and is much more than the source of ongoing customer dissatisfaction: It’s at the root of customer defection. Your customers don’t like it, and we don’t blame them; we don’t like it, either.

At CMS we have a better idea: A U.S.-Based Call Center staffed with native English speakers and the ability to handle calls in virtually every imaginable language. The simple idea is that your American customers are supported by an American Call Center, and your offshore customers get a friendly, professional voice that speaks their language. The best of both worlds: CMS.

At Our USA Call Center:

  • We put an end to disgruntled customers frustrated by off-shore support.
  • We’ll never, ever outsource customer support.
  • Every CMS Agent is a native English speaker.
  • Superior communication skills translates to satisfied customers.
  • American outsourcing delivers superior service.

We’re ready. CMS Agents speak your language – and dozens of other languages, too.