Call Center Solutions

What's included with Hospice Answering Service Solutions from CMS

24/7 Telephone Answering Services for Hospice Facilities & Caregivers

Hospice care is highly personal and requires a compassionate touch. As an organization assisting patients and families during one of life’s most trying times, you must remain understanding, professional, and available.

Our answering services for hospice help you maintain 24-hour availability and ensure that there is always a sympathetic, professional voice available to field calls and handle them without error. At CMS, we have more than 50 years of experience handling sensitive healthcare calls and have a team of trained staff ready to answer live anytime, day or night. With CMS, your hospice facility will always be there for patients and their families, even after office hours.

As a live answering service serving hospice providers’ needs nationwide, CMS delivers call center solutions that help organizations maintain constant availability. Our call center agents field calls around the clock and coordinate communication between caregivers, schedulers, medical professionals, patients, and family members.

Working as an Extension of Your Business

CMS is an extension of your organization, offering seamless call center solutions that give your patients, their families, and other callers the same level of service they expect from your office. Our solutions are 100% customized and tailored to your needs. We can handle after-hours patient calls, daytime office calls, employee call-offs, scheduling changes, on-call emergencies and triage calls, and more.

By partnering with CMS for your hospice answering service needs, you can rest assured that your patients and their loved ones always find a caring, capable voice just a phone call away.

With CMS, you get:

  • Caring Live Operators. Sympathetic and highly trained personnel ensure every caller receives professional service.
  • Hospice Triage and Call Escalation. We can triage hospice calls 24/7 and process them based on need and urgency.
  • Hospice On-call Scheduling. On-call scheduling software and escalation procedures for ensuring calls reach the right personnel.
  • 100% HIPAA Compliance. Live operators and systems built around HIPAA privacy regulations.

Custom Call Answering Services for Hospice Providers

We deliver more than your typical medical answering service by combining top-tier customer service with leading technology personalized to your organization’s needs. Our personalized call-answering solutions include:

  • Virtual Office Receptionist. Hospice virtual office receptionists help maintain a courteous telephone presence while freeing office employees to work on other tasks.
  • Emergency Answering Service and On-Call Support. Be prepared for every emergency call. We can refer calls to the emergency room, patch patients to on-call staff, and facilitate urgent message dispatching.
  • After-Hours Hospice Answering Service. Important calls don’t wait for office hours. Maintain availability with after-hours answering services and ensure you never miss a call.
  • Hospice Telephone Auto Attendant and IVR System. Extend your staff, elevate patient engagement, and help ensure seamless communications with automated solutions from CMS.

Hospice Call Center Services

Our years of experience working with hospice caregivers means we are equipped to serve all of your call center needs, including:

Hospice On-Call Scheduling & Triage Call Handling: Our web-based on-call scheduling system ensures uninterrupted on-call coverage for your patients by your nursing staff. This fully customizable system allows real-time updates and changes by you to ensure that we always reach the correct staff member. This efficient system reduces managerial time, overstaffing, and frustration while keeping the connection between your nursing staff and patients seamless and professional.

Hospice Care Appointment Scheduling and Reminders: A good scheduling and reminder system ensures that your professionals are where they need to be and that patients are ready and available, saving you valuable time and expense. Whether you prefer a fully automated system or a personal touch, CMS will design the right system for you and your patients.

After-Hours Answering Service and Emergency Call Dispatching: CMS ensures that your agency is available to patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our professionals are sensitive to the needs of patients and their families and respond with the utmost patience, respect, and attention to protocols designed by you.

The customized CMS hospice emergency answering call plan includes details such as:

  • How to gather the types of information that will best inform medical decisions
  • When and how to direct the next steps for the caller
  • When to dispatch a member of your nursing staff
  • Decision trees to cover any contingency

The CMS Difference

When your callers reach the fully HIPAA-compliant CMS call center with a hospice call, they talk to a caring, compassionate professional whose training reflects the type of patient customer service that matters most to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your services HIPAA compliant?

Yes. All of our hospice call center services are 100% HIPAA compliant. We take privacy and security seriously.

What type of calls do you take for hospice organizations?

We are prepared to field every call your home health agency receives, day or night, routine or urgent. Some of the common call types we field include:

  • General Intervention
  • Admission/Discharge
  • Routine Office Call
  • Visit Arrangement/Scheduling
  • Line/Tube Care
  • Medication Inquiry
  • Signs & Symptom Control
  • Death Report
  • Emotional Support
  • And more! Each type of call you receive can be accounted for in advance so that our agents are equipped with the information and protocols they need to handle every call successfully.

How does on-call dispatching work? Can we change on-call contacts?

We utilize an on-call scheduling system that enables you to manage your on-call schedule. That way, it’s always up-to-date and integrated with our call center. We follow the instructions that each on-call contact has on file. We can reach practitioners via secure text message, page, or a phone call — whichever contact method works best for them. We can also follow detailed escalation procedures to ensure we reach someone if our primary on-call or primary contact method is unsuccessful. In short, we always have what we need to reach the right on-call staff member and do so quickly to ensure your patients, staff, and other callers hear back quickly.

How do you take calls for our office?

Call forwarding is the most common method of directing calls to the answering service. This is accomplished using call forwarding features from your phone company.

Are you based in the United States?

Yes. We have two call center facilities in the United States, one in Columbus, Ohio, and a second in Las Vegas, Nevada. All of our calls are handled in the USA.