Employee Ethics Hotline and Anonymous Reporting Service

Whistleblower compliance and ethics hotline provider

CMS is an independent ethics hotline provider that helps companies maintain compliance and reduce risk by providing a safe, anonymous means for employees to file complaints and report suspicious activity.

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Ethics Hotline Service
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Protect your organization by encouraging employees to speak up

Fraud, theft, sexual harassment, waste, ethics violations, and other misconduct are issues that every organization must be prepared to deal with.

There are a number of ways that ethics violations and misconduct can harm a company, including legal consequences, reputational damage, poor employee morale, and lack of trust. When people engage in ethical misconduct, the consequences can be far-reaching and damaging.

It’s imperative that employees, shareholders, customers, and other stakeholders have a means of reporting conduct that may be placing you at risk. Confidential and secure, our ethics hotline service is a reliable solution for collecting and transmitting sensitive information.

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Enable confidential ethics reporting 24/7 by phone or web

Instead of allowing potentially damaging situations to go undisclosed, our fraud and ethics compliance reporting service encourages individuals to report information confidentially and without the threat of retaliation. CMS’s Ethics Hotline features:

  • Telephone and web-based reporting
  • Anonymous and/or confidential reporting
  • Secure confirmation number and password for each report
  • Two-way incident communication
  • Branded website and incident management dashboard

You gain more than a hotline by choosing CMS as your employee hotline vendor. You gain a complete system for facilitating ethics compliance intake within your organization.

A low-cost, minimalist ethics compliance solution

CMS offers a low-cost, minimalist solution for organizations looking to set up a whistleblower compliance hotline.

Having a confidential reporting system is often necessary to achieve compliance with anonymous reporting guidelines, regulations, or contract stipulations.

Most organizations only need the basics — a means for employees and other stakeholders to safely report misconduct 24 hours a day. CMS provides this service at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. CMS’s ethics compliance service provides a simple and effective solution for organizations of all sizes.

Our usage-based pricing means you only pay for what you use, and plans start as low as $50 per month.

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Employee Hotline Features

The Power of an Employee Hotline: Ethics, Whistleblower, and Compliance Combined

Integrity and transparency aren’t just buzzwords but necessities. An ethics, whistleblower, or compliance hotline is essential, bolstering an organization’s commitment to uphold ethical standards. These anonymous hotlines act as catalysts for trust, efficient problem resolution, and a robust organizational culture by giving stakeholders a voice.

Promote Organizational Integrity

An ethics hotline is more than just a reporting mechanism—it’s a symbol of your commitment to upholding the highest standards.

  • Acts as a deterrent for unethical behavior.
  • Reinforces organizational values.
  • Showcases transparency and honesty to stakeholders.

Make a clear statement: your organization prioritizes ethical conduct.

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Empower and Protect Whistleblowers

Encourage openness by offering a safe avenue for employees and stakeholders to voice concerns.

  • Option for anonymous or confidential submissions.
  • Maintains open two-way communication without compromising identities.
  • Enhances trust in the process, ensuring more accurate reporting.

When employees feel safe, they speak up. Listen and cultivate a culture of trust.

Swift & Efficient Resolution

Benefit from real-time insights and quick notifications to address issues head-on.

  • Ensures timely intervention before minor issues escalate.
  • Tailored notifications ensure the right team members are alerted.
  • Maintains a log, aiding in consistent and fair action.

Stay proactive. Address concerns efficiently and consistently.

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Improve Compliance & Trust

Position your organization as a trusted entity committed to rectifying concerns and upholding compliance.

  • Fosters a culture of accountability.
  • Helps in adherence to regulatory standards.
  • Strengthens bonds with stakeholders who value transparency.

Elevate your reputation. Ensure stakeholders recognize your commitment to doing right.

One Anonymous Reporting Platform, Many Uses

While many see these hotline solutions as interchangeable, every organization has its unique set of requirements. We’re here to ensure that your hotline is tailor-made to meet your organization’s distinct needs.

Ethics Hotline

Purpose: A platform to address ethical concerns, from potential conflicts of interest to questionable company practices.


  • Fosters a culture of integrity and transparency.
  • Aids in identifying and rectifying ethical dilemmas early.

Stakeholders: HR, senior leadership, all employees.

Whistleblower Hotline

Purpose: Safeguards for individuals exposing illegal, unsafe, or fraudulent activities within the organization.


  • Reduces potential liabilities by identifying issues before they escalate.
  • Reassures employees that they have a safe channel for reporting without fear of retaliation.

Stakeholders: Legal department, external regulators, all employees.

Compliance Hotline

Purpose: A dedicated line for reporting potential breaches of laws, regulations, or company policies.


  • Ensures alignment with industry standards and certifications, such as SOC 2 and ISO, fostering enhanced trust and credibility.
  • Maintains adherence to external regulations and internal standards, minimizing potential pitfalls.
  • Reduces risks associated with legal consequences and hefty fines.

Stakeholders: Legal department, compliance officers, external regulators, and those prioritizing industry-specific compliance measures.

Anonymous Hotline

Purpose: Offers a channel for employees who wish to voice concerns without revealing their identity, ensuring total privacy.


  • Empowers those who might be hesitant to speak up.
  • Increases the likelihood of receiving candid feedback and reports.

Stakeholders: HR, senior leadership, all employees.

Integrate Your Existing Systems

Our hotline solution integrate with the tools you use daily, making your life easier by streamlining workflows and keeping data synced across applications.

Image of some of the top software applications that CMS integrates with, including Slack, Paycor, ADP, Salesforce, Zendesk, Autotask, Halo PSA, Kronos, Zoho, and Workday
Image of some of the top software applications that CMS integrates with, including Slack, Paycor, ADP, Salesforce, Zendesk, Autotask, Halo PSA, Kronos, Zoho, and Workday

How the Incident Reporting Process Works

Screenshots of the CMS Ethics Compliance reporting website Our confidential incident reporting system is designed to be user-friendly and to prioritize the confidentiality of those reporting. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the process:

  1. Initiating the Report: When you decide to report an incident, you’ll be asked questions to gather all the necessary details about the event. Rest assured, this process is entirely confidential. You’re not obligated to disclose personal details unless you’re comfortable doing so.
  2. Receiving Your Credentials: You’ll be given a unique Report ID and Passcode after successfully submitting your report. Recording and keeping these details secure is crucial, as they’ll be your keys to accessing the report in the future.
  3. Follow-Up and Feedback: Your report will then be directed to the appropriate department within our organization. The responsible personnel or counsel will review it diligently. They may update the report’s status or request additional information if needed.
  4. Checking the Status of Your Report: Curious about where your report stands? You can always check the status or provide additional feedback. Simply call our hotline or visit the designated website link. With your Report ID and Passcode in hand, you’ll gain access to any status updates, questions, or comments related to your report.

An Essential Part of Any Compliance Program

Compliance programs are internal policies and procedures developed to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, rules, contractual obligations, and other stipulations that govern an organization’s actions. They are designed to reduce risk and uphold the reputation of a business.

The success of any compliance program depends on an organization’s ability to monitor and enforce adherence to its compliance mandates. Compliance hotlines play a vital role in this process by providing an anonymous system that employees can use to raise concerns.

Hotline FAQs

What is a hotline?

A hotline is a dedicated communication channel that allows organizations to interact with their stakeholders 24/7. Typically managed by live agents or automated systems, they utilize PBX systems for efficient call routing based on various parameters.

How is an employee hotline different from other hotlines?

Employee hotlines serve as specific communication bridges between a company and its employees. Types include:

  • Ethics Hotlines: For reporting potential breaches of a company’s ethical code.
  • Anonymous Hotlines: Allowing issues to be reported without identity disclosure.
  • Employee Call-off Hotlines: Centralized systems for employees to report work deviations.
  • Crisis Communication Hotlines: To report and address workplace emergencies.
Why are employee hotlines essential?

Employee hotlines enhance communication, fostering a culture of trust and transparency. By offering a secure channel for voicing concerns or notifying deviations, such systems enable faster resolutions, ensuring a productive work environment.

Is an anonymous hotline unique to each organization?

Yes, each anonymous hotline provided by CMS is tailored for a particular organization, ensuring a dedicated hotline number and website.

How do hotlines maintain anonymity and confidentiality?

Anonymous reports can be made without revealing personal details. Our system offers the option for full anonymity or mere confidentiality, letting reporters choose the level of disclosure they’re comfortable with.

Are CMS hotlines compliant with regulatory standards like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)?

Absolutely. Our hotlines adhere to SOX mandates, centralizing and consolidating the reporting and retention process, ensuring compliance with whistleblower provisions.

How are incident reports managed?

Our system logs each incident securely. Moreover, our incident management application encourages anonymous two-way communication between reporters and compliance personnel, streamlining the resolution process.

Why should organizations implement an ethics hotline?

Ethics hotlines foster a culture of transparency, allowing employees to safely report suspicions. These hotlines not only facilitate reporting but also assist organizations in identifying patterns, paving the way for corrective actions.

What concerns should be reported to the ethics hotline?

Employees can report potential ethics and compliance violations, such as bribery, conflicts of interest, harassment, retaliation, and more. It’s essential to ensure only pertinent issues are reported to streamline the resolution process.

How effective are ethics hotlines?

Ethics hotlines are pivotal in identifying and deterring misconduct, especially when implemented as part of a broader compliance program.

Do organizations need a whistleblower compliance hotline?

The SOX act mandates public companies to have a system for whistleblowers to report suspicious accounting activities. A whistleblower hotline meets this requirement.

Are private companies obligated to have a whistleblower hotline?

While SOX primarily targets publicly traded companies, its whistleblower provisions affect private firms too. Given its emphasis on not retaliating against whistleblowers, many private companies adopt such systems for compliance.

How is the pricing for a whistleblower compliance hotline determined?

CMS structures pricing based on the company’s requirements and expected call volume. Its value in peace of mind and regulatory compliance surpasses the investment. Get detailed pricing and learn more here.

Set Up a Third-Party Whistleblower Hotline Today

In today’s litigious world, where social media and continual scrutiny put every company under the microscope, you can’t afford to miss important information. Our whistleblower hotline service is an important step in protecting your business, its reputation, and the safety of your employees. With affordable rates, professional service, and 24-hour, 100% US-based call centers, we at CMS can set up and manage your ethics compliance needs.

Call us today at 1-800-369-8908 or fill out our form for more information.