24/7 Availability: Your Firm, Always Open

Empower your law firm with our round-the-clock legal answering services. We ensure that every call, be it a client request or a new lead, is answered promptly. Our commitment to seamless communication elevates your firm’s reliability and accessibility.

  • Capture Every Opportunity: Day or night, capture essential leads and client inquiries.
  • Immediate Assistance: Quick responses to all calls enhance client trust and potential lead conversion.

Our service extends your firm’s reach beyond traditional hours, enhancing your responsiveness without compromising quality.

Attorney in a suit using his smartphone

Streamline Your Practice with Expert Call Management

Streamline your practice with our expert attorney answering services, reducing overhead while enhancing your team’s focus on critical legal work. Delegate your call management to CMS and reinvest your resources into client relationships and case outcomes.

  • Cost Savings: Eliminate the financial burden of additional staff.
  • Sharper Focus: Allow your legal team to concentrate on their expertise, not phone management.

Our call-handling approach is designed to strengthen your practice’s productivity and client service, ensuring a smoother workflow and better case management.

Attorney Answering Service Features

Custom Call Center Solutions for Law Firms

Whatever your call handling requirements, CMS has you covered. We provide comprehensive live answering services that adapt to your firm’s specific needs. From straightforward virtual receptionist functions to complex call center setups involving detailed escalation processes, we offer professional, precise, and efficient solutions. Partner with us to enhance your firm’s productivity at a fraction of the usual cost.

Legal Call Center Services

Enhance your firm’s communication with our specialized legal call center services, designed to handle high volumes of calls with precision and professionalism. Tailored specifically for law firms, our services ensure that every call is treated with the importance and discretion it deserves.

  • Expertly Trained Agents: Our agents receive specialized training in legal terminologies and sensitivities.
  • High Call Volumes Managed: Perfect for firms with heavy call traffic, ensuring no call goes unanswered.
  • Data Security and Compliance: Adherence to strict confidentiality and legal standards.

Partner with us to maintain excellence in client communications and operational efficiency, ensuring your firm’s reputation for reliability and attention to detail.

CMS call center agent at desk with icons representing cost savings, 24/7 service, and customer service
Image of a male customer service representative smiling while taking a support call

24/7 Attorney Answering Service

Never miss a critical call with our 24/7 attorney answering service. Available day and night, our professional team acts as an extension of your firm, providing continuous support to your clients and prospective leads.

  • After-Hours Availability: Capture leads and client queries even outside business hours.
  • Emergency Call Handling: Immediate and appropriate response to urgent calls.
  • Seamless Integration with Your Schedules: Calls are handled according to your specific instructions and timing preferences.

With our around-the-clock service, enhance your firm’s accessibility and responsiveness, ensuring you’re always ready to meet your client’s needs.

Attorney Virtual Receptionist

Project a professional image at all times with our attorney virtual receptionist service. Our virtual receptionists are trained to manage your calls with the care and professionalism that mirrors the standards of your practice.

  • Personalized Client Interaction: Calls are answered in a manner that aligns with your firm’s ethos.
  • Efficient Message Taking and Forwarding: Ensure critical information is relayed promptly and accurately.
  • Flexible Call Handling Options: Tailored solutions that fit your firm’s unique operational style.

Let our virtual receptionists serve as the frontline of your practice, enhancing your firm’s professionalism and efficiency.

Virtual receptionist on the phone
Agents in a call center with icons that represent 24 hour service, afterhours service, and weekend availability

Legal After-Hours Answering Service

Extend your firm’s availability well beyond the typical workday with our after-hours answering service for law firms. This service ensures that your clients and potential leads receive timely, professional responses, no matter when they call.

  • Extend Availability: Provide support during evenings, weekends, and holidays.
  • Immediate Response to After-Hours Calls: Enhance client trust and satisfaction with prompt call handling.
  • Customizable Urgency Protocols: Prioritize calls based on urgency, routing them according to your specifications.

Our service allows your firm to operate as if it’s always open, giving clients peace of mind and boosting your ability to capture and convert leads anytime.

Legal Appointment Scheduling

Optimize your calendar management with our legal appointment scheduling services, tailored to keep your client meetings and consultations organized and efficient. By handling appointment logistics, we help your firm maximize its operational productivity.

  • Integration with Existing Calendars: Seamlessly syncs with your current systems for smooth scheduling.
  • Reduce No-Shows with Reminders: Automated reminders to clients help minimize missed appointments.
  • Efficient Resource Allocation: Ensure optimal use of your team’s time and availability.

Trust our scheduling experts to enhance your appointment management, allowing your legal team to focus more on client service and less on administrative tasks.

Image of a person on their smartphone surrounded by icons for calendar, phone calls, and booking revenue
Smiling male call center agents with icons that represent a sales funnel, revenue, and CRM.

Legal Intake Solutions

Our legal intake services are designed to make client onboarding smooth and thorough. By capturing detailed information right from the first call, we ensure that your team has all the necessary data to begin case evaluation immediately.

  • Detailed Information Capture: Collect comprehensive data to facilitate case preparation.
  • Tailored Scripting for Calls: Scripts designed to meet the specific needs of your practice area.
  • Quick Integration into Case Management Systems: Information flows directly into your case files, reducing manual data entry.

With our professional intake solutions, streamline your client onboarding process and improve the accuracy and efficiency of your case management.








Uptime Guarantee

Why Use an Answering Service?

While it’s true that people depend on digital technology a lot when it comes to communication, nothing beats live answering services by CMS if you want to keep your customers, convert leads, grow your client database, and drive business profitability. We can help you:

Save Money

CMS helps you lower your operating costs. You don’t have to buy equipment or hire staff. Only pay for the time our agents spend handling your calls.

Remain Available

Be there for your prospects, customers, and employees with around-the-clock support. Our 24/7 availability keeps your business moving and ensures you never miss an important call.

Improve Service

Improve customer satisfaction by extending your customer service capabilities and delivering friendly human support on every call.

Grow Your Business

Grow and scale your business by capturing every opportunity, reducing distractions, and expanding your capacity.

Customers Expect to Reach You By Phone — CMS Ensures You Are Always Available

Calls are preferred for quick service

There’s nothing like a quick phone call to get a customer service concern resolved or addressed right away, so we totally understand why customers want to speak to a real person.

In fact, 50% of consumers (regardless of age) contact customer service using their telephone.4 They don’t want to waste time on an endless cycle of back and forth through email or messaging.

So, when you make sure there’s somebody professional at the end of the line taking care of your customers, you’re also showing them how much you care and value their time.

Graphic with text that reads "76% of customers prefer to contact customer service agents by phone."
Graphic with text that reads "85% of callers who don't get through to you on the first attempt won't call back and will call your competitors."

Don’t help your competition

Did you know that 61% of customers who are in the middle of the buying cycle call the business they’re interested in?5 Can you afford to lose out on valuable leads or prospective customers if you do? And can you bear the thought of them going to your competition?

At CMS, we know the rewards of consistently answering calls, as well as the consequences of ignoring or not being able to attend to other calls. One phone call can make a world of difference to your business, so we won’t be taking any chances. Neither should you.

Protect your reputation

Ever get that awful feeling when no one seems to be available to answer your calls, especially when there’s no other way to resolve your concern?

When people are made to feel ignored, you lose their loyalty. They start to question the credibility and reputation of your brand, so it’s no big mystery why 68% of customers leave a company because they think it doesn’t care.6

With CMS, you can build up your reputation and keep your customers loyal to your brand no matter what.

Graphic with text that reads "67% of people end a call in frustration when they are unable to reach customer support staff."
Graphic with text that reads "80% of callers transferred to voicemail don't leave messages."

Say goodbye to voicemail

Answering machines may have been a novelty the first time they were introduced. Today, however, voicemails are not only considered productivity killers but are also untrustworthy — that is, people assume nobody ever listens to them and that they’ll never get their problem resolved.

Besides, other than baby boomers and Gen Xers, millennials and members of Generation Z probably make up a portion of your market, so it’s useful to know these younger generations can be averse to voicemails.7

So, better not leave phone calls to chance.

Partner up with CMS and see your loyal customer base grow like never before!

Live Answering Services Tailored for the Legal Industry

We bring extensive experience across various sectors to the legal field. From solo law practitioners to large multi-practice firms, we understand the unique challenges and requirements of the legal industry. Our custom answering services are designed to provide seamless support whether you’re handling routine client inquiries or urgent legal matters. Explore our tailored solutions to find the perfect fit for your practice’s needs.

Solo attorney standing confidently in his office.

Answering Service for Solo Attorneys

Running a solo law practice demands flexibility and resilience. Our answering services are designed to support solo practitioners by handling client calls with the same professionalism and attentiveness that you would. Free yourself to focus on court appearances and client meetings without worrying about missed calls and opportunities.

  • Personalized Call Handling: Calls are answered according to your specific instructions, ensuring consistency with your practice’s standards.
  • Flexible Scheduling Support: Manage your schedule more effectively with our support in arranging meetings and consultations, accommodating your dynamic work hours.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Eliminate the need for additional staff and reduce overhead, paying only for the services you use.

With our expert support, solo practitioners can enhance their professional image and ensure that no client or potential case slips through the cracks while managing a balanced workload.

Two attorneys from a small to midsize law firm discussing in an office setting.

Answering Services for Small to Midsized Law Firms

Boost the capabilities of your growing law firm with our answering services that scale to meet your expanding needs. From handling increased call volumes to managing client appointments and case inquiries efficiently, we provide the backbone for your firm’s communications.

  • Scalable Solutions: Adjust the level of support as your firm grows, ensuring you always have the right amount of help.
  • Enhanced Client Interaction: Our team extends your capacity to engage with clients effectively, ensuring that every call is a chance to build trust and rapport.
  • Integration with Firm Systems: Seamlessly connect our services with your existing case management tools to ensure continuity and accuracy in client communications.

Our services help small to midsize law firms maintain a competitive edge by ensuring professional client communications. This allows your team to focus on legal work rather than administrative tasks.

Modern skyscrapers representing large law firm offices.

Call Center for Large Law Firms

For large law firms with complex needs, our answering services provide comprehensive, high-volume call management that integrates seamlessly with your established processes. Tailor our services to various departments and practice areas, ensuring consistency across all client touchpoints.

  • Department-Specific Customization: Customize call handling protocols by department to align with specialized needs.
  • Advanced Call Routing: Direct calls intelligently within your firm to ensure they reach the right people without delay.
  • Data Security and Privacy: Adhere to the highest standards of confidentiality and data protection, respecting client privacy and compliance requirements.

Enhance your large firm’s operational efficiency and client service with our robust answering services, designed to handle the complexities and scale of your needs without compromising on quality.

Criminal defense attorney reviewing documents in court.

Answering Service for Criminal Defense Attorneys

Given the urgent nature of criminal defense work, our answering services are primed to handle high-priority calls with the promptness and discretion required. Ensure that your clients can reach you at critical moments, supporting the demanding pace of criminal law.

  • Priority Call Handling: Fast-track urgent calls to ensure they receive immediate attention.
  • 24/7 Availability: Offer constant availability, crucial for criminal defense, to handle emergencies and crucial updates.
  • Confidential Communication: Maintain strict confidentiality with secure protocols that protect sensitive client information.

Our services provide a vital lifeline, ensuring that criminal defense lawyers never miss an urgent call, thereby supporting the critical needs of their clients effectively.

Personal injury attorney comforting a client during consultation.

Virtual Receptionists for Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury cases require swift and empathetic responses to client calls. Our answering services are tailored to provide compassionate communication and efficient information handling, ensuring that your clients feel supported from the first call.

  • Empathetic Interaction: Train agents to handle sensitive calls with the empathy and understanding personal injury clients need.
  • Quick Information Relay: Fast-track critical information to ensure timely responses and case progression.
  • Lead Capture and Follow-up: Maximize your client intake with our efficient lead capturing and follow-up services, crucial for building your caseload.

Support your personal injury practice with answering services that extend your reach, improve client satisfaction, and enhance case management.

Integrate Your Existing Systems

We can integrate our answering service with the tools you use daily, making your life easier by streamlining workflows and keeping data synced across applications.

Graphic showing the legal practice management, calendar, and automation software that CMS integrates with, which include Clio, Make, Calendly, Smokeball, LeadDocket, PracticePanther, Zapier, Lawmatics, Filevine, and MyCase
Graphic showing the legal practice management, calendar, and automation software that CMS integrates with, which include Clio, Make, Calendly, Smokeball, LeadDocket, PracticePanther, Zapier, Lawmatics, Filevine, and MyCase

Let’s Make Every Call Count for Your Firm

Unlock the full potential of your law firm with CMS’s customized answering and call management services. We understand that every call could be the next big case or a critical client in need, which is why we handle each interaction with the highest professionalism and precision. Here’s what sets CMS apart:

  • Reliability Without the Overhead: Streamline your operations with our virtual receptionists who manage your calls with the same care and professionalism as if they were seated right in your lobby. Reduce overhead without sacrificing quality, keeping your practice lean and client-focused.
  • Customized to Fit Your Firm: From personalized call scripting for different case types to advanced call routing options, we tailor our services to mesh seamlessly with your firm’s unique workflow and client interaction style.
  • Round-the-Clock Availability: Our 24/7 services ensure that your firm is always reachable, helping you capture every opportunity and stay accessible when your clients need you most.
  • Enhancing Your Professional Image: Consistently present a professional image with our trained agents. Each call is a chance to strengthen your firm’s reputation, building trust and dependability with every interaction.

Choose CMS and give your law firm the advantage of flawless communication that turns every call into an opportunity. We’re committed to not just meeting but exceeding your expectations, helping your firm achieve new heights in client service and operational efficiency. Let us help you make every call count.


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