Busy legal professionals need help managing their phone calls and our attorney virtual receptionist service is the perfect solution. Answering in the name of your firm, we help you maintain a polished image without adding to your costs or distractions.

Attorney virtual receptionists taking calls

No need for employees

Hiring someone to take calls in your law office is wasteful, not to mention burdensome. There are countless costs associated with having employees, including the time spent training and managing them. Our attorney virtual receptionist service provides a better way.

Following your specific instructions, our receptionists work as extension of your office and ensure every call is answered in a courteous, professional manner. And unlike having a receptionist on site, our staff is only paid while working directly for you.

Always a live person

Trying to avoid the costs of hiring a receptionist or dealing with office staff, some attorneys resort to sending all of their calls to voicemail when they are out of the office. This unprofessional practice not only harms existing relationships, but loses new business as potential clients move on to competitors.

By utilizing our attorney virtual receptionist, all of your calls will be answered by a live person, regardless of the time of day. Whether you’re utilizing our service for all of your calls during the day or just after hours, you can rest assured that everyone trying to reach you is able to do so.

Your professional image

Even if your call volume is low enough to handle personally, having a receptionist can have a positive impact on your image as an attorney. When is the last time you called and spoke to your doctor directly? Likewise, clients expect you to be busy, and knowing that you are is reassuring. Our attorney virtual receptionist service provides you with the constant availability and personal touch you are looking for while maintaining the professional image that callers expect.

Customized to your needs

Our attorney virtual receptionist service is not a one size fits all solution. Each account is customized to your specific needs, including scripting for different types of calls and options for delivering messages and routing calls. Would you like all calls from the courthouse patched to your cell phone during the day with other messages sent via text message? That isn’t a problem at all. We can filter out certain calls and accurately differentiate current clients from new ones, urgent matters from the non-urgent and official business from the unofficial.