Convert more visitors with a 24-hour call center for your e-commerce website.

CMS provides a full suite of e-commerce call center services. We give online businesses the professional telephone presence they need to take orders and support customers around the clock. Although e-commerce allows retailers to operate with little staff and low overhead, they still need traditional customer service. Instead of relying solely on the web to communicate with customers, our e-commerce call center allows web retailers to offer live telephone support 24 hours a day.

With e-commerce service from CMS, your business gains access to a call center 24-7 that works as an extension of your business. Unlike the high expense of hiring employees or operating an internal call center, our agents are only paid while working on your behalf. By partnering with CMS, you can provide the courteous and helpful support your customers expect at a price you can afford.

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Comprehensive Contact Center Solutions for E-Retailers

Helping E-commerce Retailers Build Trust

Most e-commerce websites aren’t household names or established brands. With new storefronts popping up every day and the fear of online fraud, existing online retailers face a considerable challenge. By establishing an e-commerce call center though CMS, your online business instantly provides a level of comfort to customers other websites lack, increasing your conversion rate and boosting revenue.

Setup an Order Taking Call Center Without Hiring Employees

Not everyone is accustomed to ordering items over the Internet. Our e-commerce call center assists traditional customers who prefer to speak with someone. And you don’t have to hire employees or break the bank. Our helpful agents can place orders directly over the phone by navigating your existing website, eliminating the need for software and giving customers the option to order by phone whenever it’s convenient. We also take orders manually in the event of a website outage, eliminating downtime and ensuring your shop is always open for business.

Call Taking Personalized for Your Brand

Our e-commerce call centers are 100% customizable to meet the needs of your operation. From the way our agents answer your line to the level of customer service they provide. Everything is configured to your specifications. If you want agents taking messages so you can process orders yourself, they will. If you want agents taking orders on your website, accessing your CRM, providing shipping confirmation numbers, and processing returns, they’ll do that too. Whatever level of call center outsourcing your e-commerce company wants, we will work with you to achieve it.