CMS helps e-commerce retailers improve customer satisfaction and retention by providing courteous customer service representatives to process telephone calls and assist customers on their behalf.

Customer in need of service

Go beyond web-based customer service

Millions of websites are competing online and differentiating yourself from the crowd is critical to your success. While the majority of Internet retailers rely on email and other electronic methods for communication, those that provide live operator customer service are the ones that stand out to consumers.

By partnering with CMS to provide customer service for your e-commerce company, you can join the ranks of credible, trustworthy organizations and give customers the confidence they need to do business with you online.

A 24/7 link to your customers

Your website is always online, but can customers always reach you? With 24 hour customer support from CMS, they can, and they’ll appreciate being able to speak to a live person at their convenience.

As an e-commerce business, you’re operating in a non-stop global economy where consumers expect on-demand service and support. Providing a 24-7 customer service hotline for your website or e-commerce operation is an easy way to meet their expectations and show your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Constant support without the costs

Employing CMS as your e-commerce customer service team allows your business to provide 24/7 support without the costs of hiring internal staff. Our customer service representatives are only paid while actively speaking with your customers and working on your behalf.

Free up time to focus on your business

Every customer service issue handled by our agents is one less interruption to your already busy day. Partnering with CMS to provide your e-commerce customer service needs means freeing up time internally to focus on more pressing tasks.

Customer service that reflects your brand

Our e-commerce customer service solutions are 100% customized to meet your needs. At CMS, we handle calls as an extension of your business, professionally representing your brand and reinforcing your existing values.

From the way we answer the calls to the responses we give to routine customer service issues, everything is designed per your specifications. Our goal is to take your existing customer service processes and execute them in a cost-effective and skilled manner.