Our e-commerce order entry service helps online storefronts increase sales by providing live agents to answer calls and assist customers with placing orders over the phone.

Customer placing e-commerce order

24/7 telephone order taking

Operating on the web means operating around the clock, and when customers choose to call instead of placing orders online, it’s important that your company is available. With e-commerce order taking services from CMS, you can provide an additional way to place orders and ensure you are always in the position to close a potential sale.

Using highly trained, US based agents, CMS provides a helpful and courteous voice that your customers can trust. With our service, each call made to your e-commerce company is answered by a live agent, each of whom work as an extension of your business and assist callers through each stage of the ordering process.

Accommodate every potential customer

Despite the prevalence of online commerce, not everyone has the capability to place orders over the web. By providing a telephone number such customers can utilize, you avoid losing their business to a competitor and build goodwill in the process.

Utilize your existing storefront

Our e-commerce order entry service can process orders on your existing website, eliminating the need for additional investment and maintaining the infrastructure you currently have in place. There is no software to buy or security measures to put in place in order to use our service.

Trustworthy and experienced agents

We understand the importance of your callers’ confidential information and take caution to ensure it is secure. Every agent employed by CMS goes through an extensive background check and is thoroughly trained on protecting sensitive client information.