Our e-commerce virtual receptionist service allows web businesses to establish a formal office presence without incurring the expense of hiring additional staff.

E-commerce virtual receptionist

Make a positive first impression

In today’s digital economy, when someone can call your business and reach a live person, it makes quite an impression. With an e-commerce virtual receptionist from CMS, your business can achieve this effect without drastically inflating expenses.

Unlike a traditional receptionist working in your office at a set salary or hourly wage, our e-commerce virtual receptionists are only paid while actively answering calls on your behalf, allowing you to provide quality service at a fraction of in-house costs.

Give your website a voice

E-commerce websites often struggle with trust due to their lack of direct interaction with their customers. By utilizing our e-commerce virtual receptionist to answer calls and act as the voice of your organization, you provide website visitors with a human touch and level of security that isn’t easily achieve online.

24/7, on-demand availability

Our e-commerce virtual receptionists work in a 24/7 call center environment, meaning there is always staff available to handle your call volume. Whether you need a virtual receptionist for your daytime calls or an around the clock call taking solution, we are there to help.

Helpful, professional, and courteous

Our e-commerce virtual receptionists give e-businesses the professional voice they often lack. Highly trained receptionists answer every call live, regardless of the time of day, and treat each caller as their own. While you focus on running your business, our virtual receptionists are providing a level of service that your callers appreciate.

More than a traditional receptionist

While our e-commerce virtual receptionists are certainly capable of serving as a traditional receptionist – answering calls, taking messages, and routing them to the appropriate party – they are also capable of performing a wide variety of additional tasks. Appointment scheduling, order processing, basic customer service, and help desk support are all easily performed by our staff.