Your Educational Community Centralized Crisis Response Center.

When anyone in your educational community needs immediate help during a crisis, CMS provides live, professional operators to field calls, efficiently and calmly. Whether it’s from concerned students, families, faculty and staff, you never have to worry about being deluged with more calls than you can handle. Callers will always get the support they need when it’s needed most.

From severe weather events that suddenly knock-out power or cripple communication systems, to campus-wide safety or security crisis, we’re there for you, answering calls, distributing much needed information, and providing instructions that help callers connect with on-call personnel or emergency resources. Your school crisis and disaster hotline, when paired with a CMS Mass Notification System, provides your community a truly comprehensive Crisis Response Strategy.

Selected Features

  • Live Operators on duty 24/7 so every call is always answered.
  • Off-Site and Always Secure, even when the campus is not.
  • Custom Scripting to prepare in advance for a variety of scenarios.
  • Emergency Escalation and Message Dispatch gets calls where they need to go.
  • Automation and IVR, when advisable and cost-effective, is flawlessly executed.
  • Seamless Integration with your Mass Notification System.

In a crisis or emergency, every call is handled.