Confidential and Trusted third-party reporting whenever it’s needed.

Promote safety, eliminate the fear of repercussions, and create the educational climate and environment that best reflects your institutional ideals. Student, staff and parent tip lines are an effective, and discrete, method to handle complaints and anonymous whistleblower reports and a vitally important safeguard against ethics violations and other instances of misconduct.

CMS has professionally trained and compassionate operators enabling you to handle those calls. We design a totally secure method of initial processing, issue a case number, and follow-up. During active cases, access to information from both sides is readily available and transparent, enabling students and families to act responsibly when confronting everything from playground bullying to inappropriate staff conduct.

Selected Features

  • Completely Anonymous to eliminate fears of ‘snitching’ or repercussions.
  • 24/7 Phone and Online access to accept complaints and reports.
  • Third Party Case Management; we’re your trusted go between facilitator.
  • Secure, Confidential Submission to ensure anonymity and discretion.
  • Build the right climate where students and staff speak up without fear.

Comprehensive, Confidential and Trusted Hotline Solutions.