Scaled Notifications to staff, departments and the entire student body.

There are times when the need arises to reach hundreds – often thousands – of people all at once. When these unplanned and unexpected situations arise, speed matters. When you have the need to reach out, we empower you like no one else.  CMS Mass Notification Systems are cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions that enable swift execution via mass text messages, mass email, or mass phone calls.

There is little the service can’t do and because you manage it from a customized web-based dashboard, configuring contacts and coordinating messages can be done with a few clicks.  Routine communication about campus construction, schedule changes, to emergency facility closures, campus safety or security alerts and even parental notifications.  When paired with our Emergency Response Hotline, your community is protected by a truly comprehensive crisis strategy.

Selected Features

  • Reach everyone you need to reach at once, hundreds or thousands of people.
  • Multiple Contact Methods including text message, email or phone calls.
  • Flexible Timing, schedule your messages or send in real-time.
  • Unlimited Filtering, by department, role, work schedule and more.
  • Easily managed with an online dashboard to keep simple and cost-effective.

Mass Broadcast to your community simplified.

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