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Dynamic, efficient, 24/7 response to outages and emergencies.

A thoughtful and effective strategy begins with taking every call, day or night, with a highly-trained, professional and compassionate customer service representative. Based upon the number of outage reports and complaints, CMS can immediately alter your response tailored to thresholds that you select, limiting the calls to ensure your staff is doing what only they can do. We filter calls, cross-referenced with billing and payment issues, to ensure the calls we route to you are the calls of the highest priority and importance. We coordinate with field personnel to provide customers with updated restoration of service and repair estimates.

Swift response begins with immediate set-up and execution of an outage hotline with information about status, repair estimates, and other outage related communications. All the while distributing complaints to on-call personnel responsible for troubleshooting, maintenance and other concerns. Hotline readiness and advance planning are part of a comprehensive, bundled after-hours customer service solution.

Selected Features

  • 24 Hour Outage reporting capability.
  • Recorded Updates with essential status reports and messages.
  • Coordinated communication dispatched to field personnel.
  • Call Flooding filters limit redundant calls for issues being addressed.
  • Cross referencing of customer account status to effectively prioritize.
  • Service Scheduling for isolated customer problems.

Customers get fast, timely, cost-effective response to outages.