Field service dispatching from CMS provides the critical communication link between your customers and field agents. Our trained dispatchers are available 24/7 to provide customer service, screen calls, and dispatch field technicians per your guidelines.

Field Service Paging, Dispatching, and On-Call Support from Continental Message Solution

Efficient around the clock dispatching

If you provide on-call support, your customers likely demand prompt assistance around the clock. Instead of utilizing an automated system or other cost cutting measure that negatively impacts customer satisfaction, CMS provides live customer service agents to answer every call.

Using a time-based pricing model, dispatching through CMS is billed on the time spent handling your calls, not the idle time in between. That means you pay for what you need and avoid the costs associated with maintaining an in-house dispatching call center.

Never miss another opportunity

If you bill for field service, missing a call means lost revenue. If field service is built into your contracts, missing a call means jeopardizing client relationships and damaging your brand (or worse). In either situation, you have lost an opportunity to improve your business.

By utilizing CMS for your service dispatching needs, you ensure that every call is answered live – no exceptions. Whether it’s Christmas morning or 2:00 am on a Saturday night, our field service call center is available and ready to dispatch your calls.

Fast and accurate performance

Critical hardware malfunctions, facility emergencies, environmental disasters – these situations require immediate attention. By blending human customer service with advanced software, our field service call center can deliver swift, accurate dispatching and still be mindful of the customer experience.

Our technical infrastructure is designed for superior performance. Service dispatching rules and protocols are programmed into our system in advance, eliminating confusion and minimizing the opportunity for human error. We deliver the right message to the right person, giving your on-call staff and field service technicians the information they need to respond as quickly as possible.

Dispatching as an extension of your company

Our field service dispatching service is designed to function as an extension of your company. Our dispatching agents answer calls in the name of your business; our scripting is personalized to match the nature of your work; the escalation instructions we follow are the same as those you provide internal employees.

With developers and IT personnel on staff, we have the ability to integrate with third party applications and develop custom software. So whether you need work tickets opened in your system or text messages sent to your entire team, we can devise a solution. When customers call, most won’t notice a difference between our call center and your office staff.

We exist to grow your business

Outsourcing your dispatching operation to CMS doesn’t require sacrifices. Our off-site team has same goals as your employees: to please customers and grow your business. We succeed by offering quality dispatching services that keep customers happy and technicians focused on the work at hand.

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