Give your customers 24/7, customized Claims Processing.

Control claims processing costs while maintaining superior customer service. With CMS functioning as your 24/7 Claim Processing Call Center live, professional and highly trained operators take each call with compassionate expertise. We understand the hardships of your clients, and service their needs using customizable scripts.

We gather information, guide them through the process per your requirements, and route the call where it needs to go; from insurance to automotive to mortgage to government entities like Workman’s Compensation claims. Count on us for efficient and effective business process outsourcing that means business, because we take care of business.

Selected Features

  • 24/7 Claims Processing whenever your customers need and want it.
  • Professionally Trained Customer Service Agents, any time, every time.
  • Accurate and efficient handling of your customers’ claims processing needs.
  • Notification and Integration, promptly and efficiently.

24/7 Claims Processing and Superior Customer Service.