City Hall sign on small town government building

Call Center Outsourcing, Hotlines and Disaster Response for city governments.

A universal truth links cities and municipalities large and small. The community you serve isn’t comprised of anonymous citizens; they’re your friends, neighbors, and relatives.

Since 1967, CMS has provided customized, comprehensive government answering services and call centers that work within the tightest budgets.

We gather and disseminate information from live calls or recorded messages. And we can handle it all, from routine overflow to emergencies and disasters, citizen reports, requests, and complaints. We’ll even graciously accept praise for filling that pothole, fixing the downed sign, or clearing a fallen tree. With CMS you can do more for your citizens with less.

CMS Government Call Centers support your citizens and community.

Exceed constituents’ expectations without raising their taxes. Proven Government Contact Center Solutions from CMS.