Our job is to help government be at its best when citizens need it the most.

When disaster strikes, government continuity and access to communication from a calm, confident, live voice is vital. It’s what your citizens expect and deserve. CMS works with you to provide it, even if your offices are at the epicenter and your systems are impacted. We’re secure, with redundant, off-site backup. Since 1967, we’ve never been down. We maintain continuity, with a staff seasoned in crisis and disaster response.

We follow your scripts, agency and departmental protocol, and, if called for, enhance or supplement it with dynamic solutions and tools. Catastrophic weather, natural disasters, and facility emergencies to security threats – we’re in it together. CMS is your crucial communication infrastructure in times of crisis. We’re prepared to handle and route calls, distribute information, take messages and convey them by phone, text or email. As your disaster recovery call center, we coordinate, inform, calm and support your response.

Selected Features

  • 24/7 Call Center with professionally-trained live operators taking every call.
  • 100% Uptime: Multiple redundancies from off site physical and Cloud backup.
  • Immediate Deployment, swift and sure, we’ve done it right since 1967.
  • Custom or integrated solutions with your systems and protocol.

Dependable, compassionate help and support in a crisis.