There are times when there is no substitute for a live voice.

For agencies and smaller department offices that are running leaner and meaner than ever, Government Answering Services from CMS do more for less. During lunch, department conferences and meetings, and at times when you’re unable to take calls, what constituents need and deserve doesn’t change. They resent answering machines with canned messages and want a live voice.

We’re that live voice when you’re too busy and can’t handle their calls. Cost-effectively serving as your virtual receptionist, taking messages, routing calls where they need to go, notifying key personnel, providing directions, dates and times, or gathering a caller’s basic information, and even directing calls to voicemail when appropriate. CMS Government Answering Service solutions are tailored to your needs. We follow your script or help develop one that makes the right impression, and keeps the people that depend on you happy and appreciative of great customer service.

Selected Features

  • 24/7 – After-Hours telephone answering whenever calls come in.
  • Live Operators answer every call, every time.
  • Virtual Receptionists route calls and do whatever is required.
  • Overflow and Backup whenever and however you need it.
  • Time-Based Billing to control expense while enhancing service.
  • Friendly, highly-trained staff that makes the right impression.

24/7 Live Operators without adding to government payroll.