After-hours medical answering services from CMS are designed to give your medical practice the ability to efficiently and effectively manage after-hours calls without the cost of hiring additional staff. 

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Medical answering service operator taking calls after office hours

Deliver A Personal Touch 24/7

Your patients’ medical needs don’t stop when your office is closed. When your patients call, voicemail and automated telephone systems are the last things they want to deal with. They want to talk with a professional, compassionate live operator. As a healthcare provider, it is essential to give your patients the personal attention they want and need 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. At CMS, we provide live operator medical answering services to practices of all shapes and sizes. With over 50 years of experience answering after-hours calls for medical professionals, our staff has the experience and knowledge to handle the needs of your patients, partners, and providers.

Customized Solutions for Your Practice

CMS is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We are an extension of your practice and tailor our answering services to meet your needs. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate your standards and practices into our solutions. Our services reflect your brand, follow your instructions, and integrate with the existing systems that you use to do business.

From the way we answer calls, to the scripting we follow and the procedures we follow to dispatch calls, everything is customizable. We can even securely integrate with your scheduling system or practice management software. Our solutions can be designed to deliver non-urgent calls via email, text message, fax page, or direct phone call. Urgent calls can be relayed directly to you or your on-call staff. It all comes down to what is best for you and your on-call providers. 

Reduce Errors with Online On-Call Scheduling

Our web-based on-call scheduling software makes managing your on-call rotation a breeze. Set your schedule in advance, make real-time updates, maintain multiple schedules, personalize contact rules for each staff member, determine escalation procedures, and more — all synchronized directly with our call center.

On-call physician messaging with answering service after-hours

Experience Matters

When calling after-hours, your patients need to talk with an experienced professional. Someone who knows how to handle their call and take appropriate action. With over 50 years of experience serving over 1,000 medical professionals nationwide, CMS has the track record and experience to answer your calls all day, every day. Hiring your own staff to field after-hours calls is expensive. It requires weeks of training and increases your overhead. CMS provides your practice with experienced individuals you only pay to answer calls, not the time in-between.

We Do It Right

We work so you do not have to. All of our after-hour medical answering services are fully HIPAA compliant. Every call we answer for you is recorded and time-stamped for quality assurance and you will be notified in detail of each call should you need to respond personally.  Trusted by professionals across the country, using CMS means you can rest easy knowing the needs of your clients are being handled by experienced professionals.

Plans & Pricing

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