Automated medical answering services from CMS enable your practice to field phone calls accurately and efficiently, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Automated Call Handling Services for Medical Practices from CMS

Eliminate Answering Service Errors

One of the chief complaints we hear from healthcare providers is that their answering service isn’t following instructions. As a result, messages aren’t reaching the right doctors, on-call providers are being bothered with non-urgent messages, incomplete information is collected from callers, and physicians aren’t being contacted properly.

With automated medical answering services from CMS, all of these errors can be eliminated. Even when coupled with our traditional live operator answering service, our automated features and advanced scripting technology make it possible to create a highly customized solution that reduces the opportunity for operator error.

Instead of relying on our agents to make judgment calls, we build customized workflows and dynamic call center scripting that ensure we’re asking the right questions, collecting the right information, and dispatching messages in the appropriate fashion. We can automate on-call procedures based on the time of day, vary our instructions for each physician’s preferences, automatically integrate with your medical office software, and more.

Automatically Screen and Route Calls

Our system can deliver pre-recorded information to callers as well as automatically screen and route calls based on your unique business requirements.

For example, if you have an influx of patients calling about COVID-19, we can configure an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to ask questions and properly route calls based on their responses. Callers with routine questions can be routed to pre-recorded messages, while patients who need to speak with someone can be transferred to a live operator.

Integrate Our Call Center with Your Medical Office Software

We offer numerous software integrations and custom development solutions that enable our answering services to interact with your existing medical office software. These integrations make it possible for us to verify patient data, synchronize information, route calls to the appropriate location, and more.

Integrating your medical software with our call center reduces redundant data-entry tasks and automates routine workflows that take up time and get in the way of providing a seamless customer experience. For example, if you have multiple locations, we can reference your database to determine which location a patient should be associated with. We can also schedule patient appointments and automate routine notifications like appointment reminders.

Automated Call Center Solutions for Medical Practices

Custom Healthcare IVR Systems from CMS

Our medical answering services include a number of different automated features that can be used to create a fully customized contact center solution. These automated features include:

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response): Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a tool that enables callers to interact with a computerized phone system by providing touchtone or verbal responses. When implemented effectively, a healthcare IVR system can intelligently route and screen calls, capture information, automate workflows, send notifications, and more.
  • Customizable Phone Tree & Auto-Attendant: Our medical office auto-attendant is an automated system that can be used to professionally greet callers and guide them through their options.
  • Pre-Recorded Information: Deliver pre-recorded information to callers before they reach a live person. These pre-recorded messages could include deviations to your office schedule, changes to practice policies, after-hours emergency instructions, and more.
  • Dynamic Call Scripting: Our answering service scripting is highly customizable and dynamic, enabling us to ask the right questions and vary our responses based on different variables. This enables automatic call screening and ensures we are always collecting the right information. Scripting can vary by provider, location, call type, time of day, urgency, and more.
  • On-Call Scheduling and Intelligent Dispatching: Ensure messages are reaching the right provider with our on-call scheduling and intelligent dispatching functionality. Every on-call provider in your organization can have their own contact instructions and our system can follow those instructions automatically whenever they are on-call.
  • Appointment Reminders: Reduce missed appointments by providing automated appointment reminders to your patients.
  • On-Hold Messaging: Take advantage of any hold time to enhance patient wellness or provide personalized information that is relevant to your practice.
  • Medical Software Integration: Integrate our answering service with your medical practice software or EMR system to improve the accuracy of our messages, automatically synchronize data, and increase workflow efficiency. As always, our medical contact center solutions are fully HIPAA compliant.

Automated, Live Operator, or Both

CMS offers both live operator and automated telephone answering services that can work together to create a call center solution that meets the exact needs of your practice.

We can create a system that automatically screens and routes callers, using pre-recorded information and IVR systems to handle routine matters while escalating urgent calls to a live operator. We can vary our services on a schedule, having live operators handle your daytime overflow calls and then switching to a hybrid solution after hours.

Whatever your healthcare call center needs are, CMS has the live operators and technical capabilities necessary to create a productive, cost-effective solution that will satisfy your patients, providers, and office personnel alike.

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