CMS provides Federally Qualified Health Centers with the 24-hour telephone coverage they need to maintain government compliance without drastically increasing their expenses.

FQHC personnel

Affordable 24 hour FQHC compliance

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) are organizations that receive grants under section 330 of the Public Health Service Act. One of the requirements for qualifying for FQHC reimbursement is providing 24-hour telephone coverage for patients. As a provider of 24-hour call center services, CMS is the perfect partner for health centers that need to meet this requirement without impacting their already limited budgets.

Using highly trained and compassionate agents, our service will answer calls in the name of your organization, follow your specific procedures, and assist in connecting patients with the appropriate on-call personnel in times of need.

Experienced healthcare call center

We have been providing telephone answering services and call center outsourcing solutions to medical organizations for more than 50 years. Working with a multitude of hospital systems, medical practices, solo physicians, and FQHCs, we have the knowledge and experience you can trust with your patients’ after-hours needs.

Fully HIPAA compliant

As a provider of medical call center services to healthcare organizations nationwide, we are a fully HIPAA compliant call center. We take patient privacy seriously and go to great lengths to ensure that your patients’ private medical information stays that way. Every agent goes through thorough HIPAA training and our technology meets all HIPAA guidelines.

Designed to meet your needs

Although all Federally Qualified Health Centers must meet the same telephone availability requirements, every center is different. We understand this and pride ourselves in providing 100% customizable solutions, each designed to meet your specific needs and integrate with your existing procedures.

Whether you have multiple on-call doctors with their own procedures or a single nurse handling emergency calls, we can customize an account that meets both your needs and your budget.