Continental Message Solution acts as a lifeline between your home health care or hospice practice and your patients. CMS professionals are sensitive to the needs of your callers and provide compassionate response backed by intelligent and considerate training.

Home health nurse holding hands with patient after being dispatched to home

Our years of experience working with home health care and hospice practices back up each of the services we offer:

Nurse On-Call Scheduling: Our web-based, on-call scheduling system ensures uninterrupted on-call coverage for your patients by your nursing staff. This fully customizable system allows real-time updates and changes by you to ensure that we always reach the correct staff member. This efficient system reduces managerial time, over staffing and frustration while keeping the connection between your nursing staff and patients seamless and professional.

Home Health Care Appointment Scheduling and Reminders: A good scheduling and reminder system ensures that your professionals are where they need to be and that patients are ready and available, saving you valuable time and expense. Whether you prefer a fully automated system or a personal touch, CMS will design a system that is right for you and your patients.

After-Hours Hospice Answering Service and Emergency Call Dispatching: CMS ensures that your hospice facility is available to patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our professionals are sensitive to the needs of hospice patients and their families and respond with the utmost patience, respect and attention to protocols designed by you.

The customized CMS hospice emergency answering call plan includes details such as:

  • How to gather the types of information that will best inform medical decisions
  • When and how to direct next steps for the caller
  • When to dispatch a member of your nursing staff
  • Decision trees to cover any contingency

The CMS Difference

When your patients reach the fully HIPAA-compliant CMS center with a home health or hospice call, they talk to a native English-speaking, caring, compassionate and well-trained professional whose training reflects the type of patient customer service that matters most to you.

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