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Our 24-hour medical call center solutions help healthcare organizations ensure their calls are answered quickly and efficiently, improving operations and the patient experience.

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Comprehensive Call Center Solutions for Healthcare

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Ensure every patient call is a positive experience

A medical call center is often the front line of patient interaction and the quality of the experience can mean the difference between setting an interaction on a positive path or leading the patient to another provider. At CMS, we help healthcare providers ensure that every call center interaction is perfect. We know every phone call is important and work with providers to map the entire call experience, from the auto-attendant or IVR to the scripting live operators use for each call type.

Your centralized healthcare call center

As patients increasingly seek convenient care access and a straightforward care experience, healthcare organizations are under pressure to make their call center operations more efficient. At CMS, we help healthcare organizations set up centralized call center operations that deliver a myriad of capabilities, from basic telephone answering and message taking to medical office software integration and appointment scheduling.

We can help you build your medical call center from the ground-up, from establishing call-taking procedures to determining call routing, on-call scheduling, message delivery, and reporting. Whether you need a custom medical call center for a single facility or a centralized contact center for an entire hospital network, our solutions are scalable and customizable to fit your needs.

Custom Medical Call Center Services

We deliver more than your typical Medical Call Center by combining top tier customer service with leading technology personalized to the needs of your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

A medical call center works by taking calls for a medical practice or healthcare organizations. The call center may be responsible for centralizing appointment scheduling, taking messages after office hours, connecting patients with on-call doctors, handling appointment reminders, providing general information, and handling other routine telephone functions.

Medical Call Center costs are based on usage and complexity of the setup. That means you only pay for the time you need, nothing more. Whether you’re a small doctor’s office receiving a few phone calls per month or a multi-location physician group fielding thousands of phone calls, our pricing is flexible to meet your needs. To learn more and see our base pricing plans, click here.

Yes. All of our Medical Call Center services are 100% HIPAA compliant. We take privacy and security seriously. While the handling of the caller is important to the success of a doctor’s office, how the information is handled and protected is just as important. This is why we offer HIPAA Compliant Answering Services for healthcare companies, ensuring sensitive patient health information (PHI) gathered during each call is secure and compliant with the latest HIPAA policies and requirements.

We utilize an on-call scheduling system that enables you to manage your on-call schedule. That way, it’s always up to date and integrated with our call center. We follow the instructions that each on-call contact has on file. We can reach practitioners via secure text message, page, a phone call — whichever contact method works best for them. We can also follow detailed escalation procedures to ensure we reach someone in the event our primary on-call or primary contact method was not successful. In short, we always have what we need to reach the right on-call staff member and do so quickly to ensure your patients hear back quickly.

Yes! This is the most common way that healthcare companies use to send their calls to us. This is accomplished using call forwarding features from your telephone company. 

Yes. We have two call center facilities in the United States, one in Columbus, Ohio, and a second facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. All of our calls are handled in the USA.

A call center for today’s healthcare industry

Technology and compliance demands continue to evolve, but in the healthcare industry, one thing remains constant: The need to deliver high quality, patient-centered care.

Today’s providers must service patients using multiple channels and devices, and balancing those demands within a strict regulatory environment is a constant challenge.

Serving the healthcare community since 1967, CMS offers a full suite of medical call center services designed to help modern medical practices thrive. From medical answering services to interactive voice response (IVR) and automated solutions, we make it easy to serve the evolving needs of your patients. All while reducing costs and mitigating risks.

Integrate our call center with your medical office software

With CMS, there’s no need to maintain separate software. Our state-of-the-art call center technology and expert software engineers can integrate our systems with your existing medical office software, including EMR and patient scheduling tools. This ensures patients, providers, and other callers receive a seamless experience. Integration also improves response time, reduces the burden on administrative staff, and helps improve the patient experience.

We integrate with leading medical software applications including Epic, Cerner, AdvancedMD, and Homecare Homebase, among others. For more information about our software integration capabilities or to discuss a custom solution, please contact us.

Medical call center reporting dashboard

Access to medical call center data can mean the difference between service blind spots and optimal performance. CMS medical call center solutions include access to our online reporting dashboard and custom analytics that provide the data you need when you need it.

Our system enables you to report on call types, call times, and disposition, among other metrics. Easily track down calls, messages, and on-call history. Custom-built reports and dashboards are also available.

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We’ve been a customer since 2012. They do a great job of answering our phones after hours & scheduling appointments. We’ve tried many other answering services in our 17 years of business but they are by far the best.

Penny Luker