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We take care of your phone lines so that you can take care of your patients

Medical practices and hospitals provide critical and essential services to our communities, and ensuring the highest standard of patient care is paramount. However, you only have so many resources. If your staff is balancing face-to-face patient consultations with a never-ending wave of calls, something’s got to give.

Voicemail and impersonal automated systems are options, but neither offers the accuracy or human touch you know your patients deserve. We have spent 50 years refining our medical call answering service. Today, our tailored solution allows you to uphold your values of integrity and patient care by providing professional, highly trained live operators who can answer and take action on your calls any time, day or night.

Picture of a woman using her phone to leave a positive review
Smiling call center agent wearing a headset

A medical practice answering service you can trust to get it right

Every medical practice is unique, but they all have one integral value in common: the patient experience. Our compliant medical answering services are 100 percent customizable. So whether you run a dental clinic that needs an after-hours answering service or an OB/GYN looking for an accurate and cost-effective appointment scheduling solution, we can assist.

Our team often works as a liaison between callers and your providers. We determine the nature of the call and take the appropriate action on your behalf. For example, our after-hours team might assess a caller’s needs and dispatch their call to on-call personnel using detailed and up-to-date contact procedures unique to each clinician. We can also advise callers to visit the emergency room or dial 911 for life-threatening emergencies while referring non-urgent calls to regular office hours. 


Medical Answering Services & Call Center Solutions

Our call center services give medical offices the technology and personnel required to reduce distraction, minimize errors, and provide a welcoming, sensitive, and personalized patient experience. Our industry-specific solutions can be tailored and tweaked to meet your specific needs. These include the following:

After-Hours Medical Answering Service

Health emergencies, questions, and concerns do not abide by regular office hours, and your patients may need assistance at any time, day or night, 365 days a year. However, depending on the nature of your medical clinic or facility, answering after-hours calls may be impossible without disrupting on-site team members or hiring extra staff.

Our after-hours answering service for medical offices can handle your calls outside regular office hours. We can capture messages and pass them on to the relevant doctor, route inquiries to the appropriate on-call medical professional, schedule appointments using your preferred software, and more. We can also respond to emergency calls.

Agents in a call center with icons that represent 24 hour service, afterhours service, and weekend availability
On-call physician in scrubs checking for new messages

Emergency Dispatch and Physician On-Call Management

Emergencies can strike any time of day or night. Our team is available and prepared to answer and take action on calls by routing callers to the correct on-call personnel using their personalized contact procedures. Critically, we ensure emergency calls are handled quickly and accurately without error or distraction to doctors.

We can also use automated scripting to identify call types and tailor our procedures based on the caller’s responses, giving them a truly customized experience. For example, if the caller’s responses trigger our emergency procedure, we can advise them to visit the emergency room or phone 911 in addition to paging the appropriate on-call doctor.

Every element of our service is designed to fit your emergency call-handling procedures, from how we answer the line, to the information we gather, to the way we triage and route calls. We truly work as an extension of your practices, handling your calls as you would internally.

HIPAA-Compliant Answering Service

While the handling of the caller is important to the success of a medical office, how the information is handled and protected is just as important. This is why we offer HIPAA-Compliant Answering Services for medical clients, ensuring sensitive patient health information (PHI) gathered during each call is secure and compliant with the latest HIPAA policies and requirements.

To ensure that your answering service doesn’t put you at risk for any violations, according to the terms of HIPAA for a “business associate,” they must:

  • Safeguard PHI
  • Report data breaches or leaks
  • Have a detailed list of internal practices for PHI security
  • Encrypt data
  • Regulate & educate staff
  • Limit access to patient data

CMS is proud to be HIPAA compliant through hard work and investment in research, company policy, and infrastructure to ensure 100% compliance with HIPAA. In addition, our SMS message system has been tested for HIPAA compliance as outlined by the American Medical Association.

Document that says "HIPAA compliance" surrounded by icons representing data security and training
Virtual receptionist on the phone

Virtual Medical Receptionist

For many patients, your receptionist is their first point of contact with your medical office, and the wrong impression can have far-reaching repercussions.

Our friendly, competent, and dedicated virtual medical office receptionists ensure every caller is given the time and level of service they deserve while enabling on-site staff to focus on their core duties distraction-free.

Backed by a five-decade-long tradition of serving the healthcare industry, CMS recognizes the nuance, patience, and sensitivity required to assist callers. We also understand the importance of upholding your clinic’s values while maintaining error-free record-keeping. Our HIPAA-compliant, 24/7 virtual receptionist services are carefully curated to meet industry needs yet are customizable to your specific circumstances.

Appointment Reminders

Anyone who works for or visits a medical practice knows how busy they can be. It’s often necessary for them to schedule appointments months in advance. Combine this situation with very busy patients, and medical offices are seeing a massive increase in no-shows for appointments. This situation leads to a loss of revenue for the practice and delayed care for the patient. Every missed appointment can cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

By utilizing Patient Appointment Reminders to notify patients of upcoming appointments, practices of any size can reduce losses due to missed appointments. And instead of burdening your current staff with making these calls during their already busy day, CMS can take the load off of them and perform this task for them, freeing them up to address other core responsibilities.

Patient holding her child and checking into medical appointment at the front desk
Image of a finger pressing the number 0 on a dial pad surrounded by icons that represent a phone tree and touchpad options

Medical Auto Attendant, IVR, and Automated Answering

Our HIPAA-compliant auto attendant, IVR, and automated answering services are tailored to meet the needs of medical clinics, hospitals, and doctors’ offices. These call-answering solutions are engineered to eradicate errors and provide an intuitive, helpful, and personalized patient experience by prescreening messages, accurately routing calls, and providing appointment reminders.

You can build customized phone trees, relay pre-recorded information to callers, and create engaging on-hold messaging that assists rather than aggravates waiting callers. Plus, our auto attendant, IVR, and automated answering solutions can be integrated with your preferred software, so you can keep your medical office running smoothly.

Our system can deliver pre-recorded information to callers and automatically screen and route calls based on your unique business requirements.

Learn more:

Patient Appointment Scheduling

Many people do not have time to schedule during your office hours. With appointment scheduling services from CMS, our trained call center agents can schedule appointments around the clock. Live scheduling agents from CMS allow your patients or customers to call and schedule at a time most convenient for them, be it during the day or after hours. By accommodating the scheduling needs of all your clients, you can fill your schedule and make more money.

By utilizing our appointment scheduling call center to work as an extension of your office and schedule appointments on your behalf, you can ensure patients always have an easy, convenient scheduling option available 24 hours a day.

Allow your staff to concentrate on more important tasks while CMS helps your customers or patients schedule their appointments. Interrupting your team when assisting patients in the office or working out a billing issue can be frustrating and inefficient. Instead, let them do what you hired them to while we cover your phone calls.

Image of a person on their smartphone surrounded by icons for calendar, phone calls, and booking revenue
Image of a busy office with icons representing time, speed, capacity, and a receptionist taking calls

Overflow Answering Service

Your patients do not want to wait on hold, leave a voicemail, or call back later. They want assistance immediately, but your in-house receptionists can’t always meet demand. That’s where our team comes in to help.

Our overflow answering service picks up whenever the need arises, delivering the following benefits:

  • Reduced hold times. When your medical facility experiences a high volume of calls, we step in so that your patients don’t have to wait on hold. This is critical to the overall patient experience, as almost 60 percent of people believe one minute on hold is too long.
  • Improved patient satisfaction. Whether facing a medical concern requiring immediate attention or scheduling a routine check-up, if a patient’s call goes unanswered, it can negatively impact your practice. We ensure all calls are answered and given the time they deserve.
  • Empower your staff. Our overflow call answering service gives your on-site staff the breathing room to deliver an exceptional patient experience and undertake their core duties.








Uptime Guarantee

Why Use an Answering Service?

While it’s true that people depend on digital technology a lot when it comes to communication, nothing beats live answering services from CMS if you want to better serve your patients and clinicians while improving your bottom line. We can help you:

Save Money

CMS helps you lower your operating costs. You don’t have to buy equipment or hire staff. Only pay for the time our agents spend handling your calls.

Remain Available

Be there for your prospects, customers, and employees with around-the-clock support. Our 24/7 availability keeps your business moving and ensures you never miss an important call.

Improve Service

Improve customer satisfaction by extending your customer service capabilities and delivering friendly human support on every call. Every caller will appreciate receiving courteous and professional service.

Reduce Distractions

CMS improves your availability, not on-call distractions. Our services are customized to the needs of your office and providers, so you get the messages you need and none that you don’t.

Patients Expect to Reach You By Phone — CMS Ensures You Are Always Available

Calls are preferred for quick service

There’s nothing like a quick phone call to get a customer service concern resolved or addressed immediately, so we understand why patients want to speak to a real person.

50% of consumers (regardless of age) contact customer service using their telephone.4 They don’t want to waste time on an endless cycle of back and forth through email or messaging.

So, when you make sure there’s somebody professional at the end of the line taking care of your callers, you’re also showing them how much you care and value their time.

Graphic with text that reads "76% of customers prefer to contact customer service agents by phone."
Graphic with text that reads "85% of callers who don't get through to you on the first attempt won't call back and will call your competitors."

Don’t help your competition

Did you know that 61% of customers who are in the middle of the buying cycle call the business they’re interested in?5 Can you afford to lose out on valuable leads or prospective customers if you do? And can you bear the thought of them going to your competition?

At CMS, we know the rewards of consistently answering calls, as well as the consequences of ignoring or not being able to attend to other calls. One phone call can make a world of difference to your business, so we won’t be taking any chances. Neither should you.

Protect your reputation

Ever get that awful feeling when no one seems to be available to answer your calls, especially when there’s no other way to resolve your concern?

When people are made to feel ignored, you lose their loyalty. They start to question the credibility and reputation of your brand, so it’s no big mystery why 68% of customers leave a company because they think it doesn’t care.6

With CMS, you can build up your reputation and keep your customers loyal to your brand no matter what.

Graphic with text that reads "67% of people end a call in frustration when they are unable to reach customer support staff."
Graphic with text that reads "80% of callers transferred to voicemail don't leave messages."

Say goodbye to voicemail

Answering machines may have been a novelty the first time they were introduced. Today, however, voicemails are not only considered productivity killers but are also untrustworthy — that is, people assume nobody ever listens to them and that they’ll never get their problem resolved.

Besides, other than baby boomers and Gen Xers, millennials and members of Generation Z probably make up a portion of your market, so it’s useful to know these younger generations can be averse to voicemails.7

So, better not leave phone calls to chance.

Partner up with CMS and see your loyal customer base grow like never before!

Live Answering Services for Every Specialty

Whether you are a single physician looking for an after-hours answering solution or a large hospital needing a whole suite of call-answering services, we can assist. Our customizable solutions result from careful collaboration with healthcare professionals across every specialty. Our clients include:

Group of physicians having a meeting

Answering Services for Physicians

Doctors are the beating heart of the community. They uplift and protect us, celebrate positive outcomes alongside our friends and family, and support us through life’s greatest joys and struggles.

As a doctor, you put people first; this value extends into every facet of your practice, clinic, or office. We become your partner in patient care, ensuring every voice that comes to you for help is heard and respected.

Through after-hours call answering, emergency dispatching, call screening, virtual medical receptionist services, and more, our doctor answering service reduces errors, removes distractions, and gives you the time and space to do what you do best: care for others.

Dentist sitting at table with patient going over teeth x-rays

Dental Office Answering Services

Dentists have the power to change lives, whether by revitalizing a smile, eradicating a painful infection, or helping a child through their first dental procedure. We can customize our call-answering services to meet your specific needs, so you can continue providing such a critical service to your patients.

We can answer the phone after office hours and schedule appointments, ensuring you don’t lose business. We can forward calls to on-call staff so that urgent dental procedures can be performed promptly. And we can provide friendly, HIPAA-compliant virtual receptionist services that reflect your practice’s commitment to patient care and experience.

CMS answering services for dentists help manage every call.

OB/GYN conducting ultrasound on a patient

OB/GYN Answering Service

A 2017 American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) study revealed that an estimated 40% – 75% of OB/GYN physicians experience stress-related “professional burnout.” While our answering service for OB/GYN practices can’t turn your practice into a Zen retreat, we can take at least some of that stress out of your life.

You and your staff have dedicated your lives to meeting the needs of every woman you serve. Whether steering your patients through a difficult pregnancy or delivering bad news to cancer patients, you’re there for them at all hours of the day or night.

But your patients suffer if you have an after-hours answering service that doesn’t have that same kind of commitment. That’s only one of the things that keep you up at night. Our OB/GYN call center solutions can help.

Meeting OB/GYN Practices’ Unique Needs 24/7/365

With CMS, you’ll have a call center solution responsive to your OB/GYN practices’ unique needs. Our compassionate medical answering service staff provides a personal touch while preserving complete confidentiality for your patients.

Toddler being seen in a pediatrician's office

Answering Service for Pediatricians

Pediatricians support some of the most vulnerable members of our society — babies, children, and young people. At CMS, we recognize the gravity of what you do and tailor our pediatrician answering services to meet the specific needs of you and your patients’ families.

Our live agents are highly trained and skilled in delivering a sensitive and nuanced patient experience, whether taking calls early in the morning or routing emergencies to an on-call team member. In addition, our software is secure and HIPAA-compliant, protecting your patients’ privacy.

Veterinarian evaluating a cat in an examination room

Veterinarian Answering Service

If you run your own veterinary practice, you know how much your “furclients” and their parents depend on you. But even the best veterinarian can’t be available 24/7…

…And that’s where we come in!

CMS offers a state-of-the-art veterinarian answering service that your clients can count on. We’ll make it easy for them to get their questions answered and their concerns alleviated so that you can enjoy your after-hours time — without worrying that your clients feel ignored, slighted, or taken for granted.

Our team is available 24/7, 365 days a year. So, whether you’re on vacation, asleep, or unable to answer the phone because of a blizzard, we’ll be there to take your clients’ calls — live. We believe that a real person should answer EVERY call, so your clients will never get stuck talking to a recording. Instead, they’ll speak with a friendly customer service representative who can help them get through a scary situation.

Physician sitting at his desk working on his phone

Our call-answering services deliver the personal touch your patients deserve without added stress. Our solutions can be customized to meet the unique needs of any medical specialty, including: 

Integrate Your Existing Systems

We can integrate our answering service with the tools you use daily, making your life easier by streamlining workflows and keeping data synced across applications.

Deliver A Personal Touch 24/7

Your patients’ medical needs don’t cease when your office is closed or unavailable. 

When your patients call with something important, voicemail and automated telephone systems are the last things they want to deal with.

They want to talk with a professional, compassionate live operator.

As a healthcare provider, it is essential to give your patients the personal attention they want and need 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

At CMS, we provide live operator healthcare answering services to medical offices of all shapes and sizes. With over 50 years of experience answering after-hours calls for medical professionals, our staff has the expertise and knowledge to handle the needs of your patients, partners, and providers.

Medical answering service operator taking calls after office hours

Customized Solutions for Your Practice

CMS is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We are an extension of your practice and tailor our answering services to meet your needs.

Our goal is to integrate your standards and practices into our solutions seamlessly. Our services reflect your brand, follow your instructions, and integrate with the existing systems that you use to do business.

Everything is customizable from how we answer calls to the scripting we follow and the procedures we follow to dispatch calls.

We can even securely integrate with your scheduling system or practice management software.

Our solutions can be designed to deliver non-urgent calls via email, text message, fax page, or direct phone call. Urgent calls can be relayed directly to you or your on-call staff.

It all depends on what is best for you and your on-call providers. 

Reduce Errors with Online On-Call Scheduling

Our web-based on-call scheduling software makes managing your on-call rotation a breeze.

Set your schedule in advance, make real-time updates, maintain multiple schedules, personalize contact rules for each staff member, determine escalation procedures, and more — all synchronized directly with our call center.

On-call physician messaging with answering service after-hours

Experienced Physician Answering Service

When calling after-hours, your patients need to talk with an experienced professional.

Someone who knows how to handle their call and take appropriate action. With over 50 years of experience delivering answering services for physicians nationwide, CMS has the track record and experience to answer all your calls 24/7/365. 

Hiring more employees to field after-hours calls is expensive. It requires weeks of training and increases your overhead. CMS provides your practice with experienced individuals you only pay to answer calls, not the time in between.

Healthcare Call Center Services Done Right

We work so you do not have to. All of our after-hour medical answering services are fully HIPAA compliant.

Every call we answer for you is recorded and time-stamped for quality assurance, and you will be notified in detail of each call should you need to respond personally.  

Trusted by professionals across the country, using CMS means you can rest easy knowing experienced professionals are handling your clients’ needs.

Medical Answering Service FAQ

What is a medical answering service?

A medical answering service is a customizable outsourced phone-answering solution that involves live agents who answer the phone on behalf of a medical professional, practice, clinic, or hospital.

The agents are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They follow a customized script, providing a seamless patient experience and responding to calls accordingly. For example, they might route an after-hours call to the appropriate doctor or schedule an appointment using the clinic’s preferred software.

How does a medical answering service work?

A medical answering service works like this:

  • First, the medical clinic or professional works with a company like CMS to build customized solutions that meet their specific needs. This often includes call scripting, on-call procedures, and call-handling instructions. 
  • Once live, the medical office forwards their regular phone number to the service. For example, this might happen after regular office hours or during high call volumes.
  • The live agents answer the phone and provide patient support and service according to the medical office’s instructions.
  • Finally, the agent will take the appropriate action — route the call to an on-call doctor or schedule an appointment, for instance — based on the caller’s responses.

How much does a medical answering service cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question because the cost of a medical call answering service will vary depending on factors such as the operation’s size and scope, the call center’s location, and the specific services offered. However, medical call centers typically charge per-minute rates for their services, with the average rate falling between $0.50 and $1.50 per minute.

Our medical answering service plans at CMS start at just $50 a month. Our 24/7 solutions are available for a fraction of what it would cost to hire an in-house receptionist, and we only bill you for the time spent handling calls on your behalf.

Our medical call center services can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your practice, so you only pay for what you need. Check out our pricing today to learn more!

How do you handle urgent calls after hours?

Every aspect of our medical answering service is customizable, from the greeting we use to the way we handle urgent calls.

We understand that emergencies in the medical industry can be a matter of life and death, and we take this responsibility seriously. We tailor our every response to your requirements, from scripting and providing information to patients to qualifying emergencies and advising on the next steps. Our contact procedures can also be customized for each physician or on-call contact, ensuring calls are dispatched and escalated accurately, mitigating the risk of unnecessary distraction.