Looking for a friendly, competent, affordable receptionist for your medical practice? Our virtual receptionist service can help. Available 24/7, our courteous receptionists can handle your office calls for a fraction of what you’d pay an employee.

Medical Office Receptionist Services from CMS

Get better service for a fraction of the cost

Virtual medical receptionists are wonderful for a rapidly expanding practice. They help you avoid the cost of hiring new staff while still offering the top-notch, patient-centered customer service your patients have come to expect.

We utilize time-based billing, so you only pay for the time spent answering your calls, not the idle time in between. Each call is answered by a live person, giving the patient that personal touch even when your offices are closed. We become a remote portal to your office, available whenever we’re needed to field calls on your behalf.

Always available and personalized to your needs

With personalized scripting and account instructions, our medical office receptionists can provide the same level of service as a traditional receptionist sitting in your office. And because our call center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, you never miss a beat.You can take new patients and service existing ones even when your offices are closed.

Never allow inconveniences to interrupt your operation

Inclement weather? Holidays? Power outages? No problem! We can still communicate for you when you are unable to physically reach patients yourself. And never fear for what is going on when you are not around, because each call is time stamped and recorded for quality assurance. You will be notified in detail of each call, should you need to respond personally.

One call center for all of your locations

Virtual medical receptionists give the added benefit of handling the calls of all of your locations from one virtual location. This ensures efficiency and quality, and the patient never has to fear calling the wrong location. Instead, they communicate with your practice with ease via one telephone number that is routed to our friendly representatives. We answer on your behalf and follow your instructions to the letter.

Our mission is to help grow your practice

We are here to make you money. We offer the same service as in- house staff, only better, at a fraction of the cost. Our aim is to provide your patients and customers with the highest level of service in order to help grow your practice.

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