A Virtual Receptionist for Medical Offices

Friendly, competent customer care… because you care about your patients. So do we.

Modern medical practice is about efficiency and cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality service. Advancements in digital and communications technology and work-from-home trends have shown that an on-site receptionist is no longer necessary.

With the CMS elite virtual receptionist service, you can save resources, ensure HIPAA compliance, and provide top-notch coverage for all your patients’ needs.

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Better Phone Support for a Fraction of the Cost

Virtual medical receptionists are wonderful for a rapidly expanding practice. They help you avoid the cost of hiring new staff while still offering the top-notch, patient-centered customer service your patients have come to expect.

We utilize time-based billing, so you only pay for the time spent answering your calls, not the idle time in between. Each call is answered by a live person, giving the patient that personal touch even when your offices are closed. We become a remote portal to your office, available whenever we’re needed to field calls on your behalf.

Personalized to the Needs of Your Practice

With personalized scripting and account instructions, our medical office receptionists can provide the same level of service as a traditional receptionist sitting in your office. And because our call center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, you never miss a beat. You can take new patients and service existing ones even when your offices are closed.

Our services can be tailored to the needs of any practice. If you’re a solo mental health professional, CMS virtual receptionists can take your calls while you’re in session. Home healthcare companies may utilize our services to track employee attendance calls and to assist with filling shifts when call-offs occur. Busy pediatricians may employ a virtual receptionist as their overflow support, taking calls when their office is too busy to get to the phone. 

Whatever your specialty or call answering needs may be, a healthcare virtual receptionist from CMS can help you get more done for less.  

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One Call Center for All of Your Locations

Virtual medical receptionists give the added benefit of handling the calls of all of your locations from one virtual location. This ensures efficiency and quality, and the patient never fears calling the wrong location. Instead, they easily communicate with your practice via one telephone number routed to our friendly representatives. We answer on your behalf and follow your instructions to the letter.

What Does a Virtual Medical Receptionist Do?

Traditionally, the receptionist has been the primary point of contact for your practice. They field telephone calls, answer or direct queries, and do various administrative tasks. So what can a virtual medical receptionist do for you, then? Well, pretty much everything. 

Liaising With Patients

Apart from answering phone calls and questions that don’t require a doctor’s specific medical expertise, a remote medical office receptionist plays an integral role in developing and maintaining good patient engagement. Like any other type of client, patients want to feel as though they are getting special treatment — and given the increasingly competitive healthcare industry, they have come to expect it. 

While it may seem counterintuitive, a virtual medical office can provide pleasant, personalized interactions so your patients want to stay with your practice for years to come.

In addition, a live virtual medical receptionist can go the proverbial extra mile by contacting patients before and after appointments to gauge how they are doing, assess if they need anything, and ensure that consultations run smoothly

A live virtual receptionist can also facilitate patient intake one on one — meaning that even if more than one patient calls simultaneously, the intake process will still be completed properly. Virtual medical receptionists are specially trained so that all relevant information is collected. They understand how crucial accurate and up-to-date medical information is to ensuring correct diagnoses and treatment options. As such, every caller is attended to without disruption. Patients trying to contact the office after hours won’t get an impersonal automated message but a real person, even in the middle of the night. This way, they don’t have to wait until the morning to receive important information or contacts.

Of course, a remote medical office receptionist can handle all scheduling matters, such as patient appointments, conferences, and other meetings. 

Patient Billing and Insurance Claims

You may have gotten into medicine because you love to help people, but the cold hard truth is that a medical office is a business — and must be run like one. That means that you need reliable billing processes and the ability to track outstanding invoices and follow up with insurance personnel where required. On-site staff can be interrupted or called away while they are working for a variety of reasons. In a virtual medical office, there are no such disruptions. Bill-tracking, inquiries, overdue accounts receivable, payment adjustments, and other accounting can be dealt with continuously. While you do your job helping people, a remote receptionist keeps the financial part of your practice performing. You will no longer need to hire and pay a dedicated person to look after your accounts and can deploy resources where you want them.

Recordkeeping and Information Management

Quality healthcare requires accurate, regularly updated patient records and the ability to access databases and systems shared by other health institutions. To this end, records should integrate with electronic health record systems. Information management — particularly security — is paramount in a digital landscape. Additionally, document managers must be mindful of HIPAA requirements and comply with privacy legislation. Virtual medical receptionists are familiar with these issues — and undergo continued training as necessary in framework changes — so you can be confident that they will act accordingly. 

In traditional medical practices, these functions are usually delegated to one designated person or shared among authorized individuals. However, a virtual receptionist for medical offices can also take care of document quality control and management, freeing resources to provide patients with the best medical care.

A group of medical virtual receptionists looking at their computers and taking calls in a CMS call center

Why Go With a CMS Virtual Medical Receptionist?

A remote medical office receptionist can do what on-site personnel can—so why switch? Or, if you’re starting a new practice, why go with a full or partial virtual medical office facilitated by CMS?

You may be surprised to discover that there are many reasons.


The more people physically working in your office, the higher your overhead. Not only do you have to pay salaries, but pay for a space that can accommodate everyone. The hiring process takes time, and you may find yourself negotiating wages. 

However, if you partner with a virtual receptionist service, you will be paying a simple baseline amount for individuals it has already vetted and hired. This will provide a cost-saving solution, whether you are going fully virtual or just need overflow support from a virtual medical receptionist during business hours and peak times instead of calling in additional staff. You can also rely on CMS remote medical receptionists to take care of medical billing, avoiding the necessity of hiring or dedicating staff to this tedious but integral part of medical practice.

Comprehensive Patient Support

Impersonal voicemail systems can record messages, but the nature of a medical office demands a human touch — ideally at all hours. After all, patients don’t just come up with questions during business hours. Voicemail cannot clarify information or ensure that the patient has provided all necessary information. A general answering service cannot properly “triage” incoming calls. Some patient issues will necessitate contacting appropriate on-call practitioners, but other non-emergency queries — despite how worried a caller might be — can be handled with more routine approaches.

The virtual medical receptionist can have specific scripts to screen and identify which tailored responses and procedures to undertake — when to advise patients to go to the hospital emergency ward, for example. CMS remote medical receptionists can also facilitate prescription refills, so the caller knows that the doctor will get to the renewal request as quickly as practicable.

Personalized Medical Practitioner Support

Call, or query screening isn’t just important for determining the patient’s needs at a given time. A virtual medical assistant will ensure on-call practitioners are not inundated with calls that do not merit disturbing personnel after-hours.

During business hours, medical staff can do their work without unnecessary distractions and interruptions since the remote medical receptionist can assess which calls should be patched through and which calls should be returned later.

A virtual medical receptionist can also assist with patient intake so that the patient file contains as much relevant medical history and other useful information from the outset. This will make for quicker, more accurate diagnoses and foster a fuller initial rapport with a new patient. Doctors have their preferences, especially when it comes to on-call contact procedures. Some still use beepers and swear by them. Others expect a brief but informative text message or phone call. CMS on-call scheduling software and protocol ensure that your virtual medical receptionists will know and employ the best contact methods for all on-call personnel.

HIPAA Compliance and EHR Integration

The CMS virtual medical reception service is HIPAA compliant and familiar with privacy and information security principles and protocols. We also ensure they are comfortable with the EHR system and EHR integration work. In addition, our virtual medical receptionists are trained and competent, making them an asset to any medical office, whether a new practice or a well-established one that is streamlining and modernizing its business operations processes. 

Efficient, Effective Administrative Support

Medical practitioners aren’t the only ones in the office who don’t want to be disturbed or distracted from important tasks. Important administrative tasks must be undertaken to keep the doors open and the practice growing. Sometimes these require contiguous and ordered time-sensitive actions or responses. Otherwise, work can halt if staff need to drop what they are doing and assist with calls. The CMS virtual medical reception service can answer and triage multiple calls and communications, letting your staff do the work they were hired to do.

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Our Mission is to Help Grow Your Practice

We are here to make you money. We offer the same service as in-house staff, only better, at a fraction of the cost. We aim to provide your patients and customers with the highest level of service to help grow your practice.

With over 50 years of experience in the healthcare industry, CMS is your source for friendly, professional, quality virtual receptionists for your medical office. Find out how you can improve productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness with the first-rate CMS solution suited to your business growth and operational needs. Contact sales or get pricing today to discover how we can help make your medical practice healthier — and you and your patients happier.