Increase Revenue by Decreasing No-Shows

As anyone that works or visits a medical practice knows today’s medical practices are busy. It’s often necessary for them to schedule appointments months in advance. Combine this situation with patients that are very busy and medical practices are seeing a massive increase in no-shows for appointments. This situation leads to a loss of a revenue for the practice and delayed care for the patient. Every missed appointment can cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Clinics are very busy places, especially for the front office staff. Registering patients, processing paperwork, and performing other day-to-day tasks fill up the day quickly. So how does the front office staff find time to call every patient on the schedule to confirm their upcoming appointment?

With Appointment Reminder Services from Continental Message Solution, they won’t have to.

Appointment Reminders On-Demand

By utilizing CMS’ Appointment Reminder Services to notify patients of upcoming appointments, medical practices of any size can reduce their losses due to missed appointments. And instead of burdening your current staff with making these calls during their already busy day, CMS can take the load off of them and perform this task for them, freeing them up to address other core responsibilities.

CMS offers two distinct Appointment Reminder Service options:

  • Automated Reminder Service – Entirely automated, but backed by our customer support staff, our automated reminder service sends a call at a pre-specified time with instructions that allow the patient to confirm their appointment, cancel, or reschedule. This option is ideal as a money saving solution for your medical practice, and can reduce no-show appointments dramatically.
  • Live Operator Reminder Service – For those that want a more personal touch, we also offer a live reminder service that is HIPAA compliant and will make your patients know that you care about them and their health. As with the automated reminder service, agents will call patients at pre-specified times with instructions that allow the patient to confirm their appointment, cancel, or reschedule.

All of our reminder services can be tailored to your office’s specific needs. If you want us to call one, two, three times or more, we can schedule that for you. If you want calls to be made an hour, day, or week before the appointment, we can accommodate that as well. All of our solutions here at Continental Message are customized to your medical office.

With customized scripting, online reporting, and more, our appointment reminder services are a great way to give your clinic more reliable revenue, and keep it operating efficiently. To learn more about our reminder services, or to find out about all of our HIPAA compliant patient care and support services, call us today at (800) 369-8908.