Any parent can tell you that kids get sick — a lot. And when dealing with a sick child, parents appreciate the peace of mind that comes with being able to reach their pediatrician 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a leading pediatric answering service, we help pediatricians remain available to their patients without breaking the bank or sacrificing their downtime.

Our medical answering services are 100% customizable, enabling us to handle every call exactly the way you want us to. With CMS, you never have to worry about missing an important patient call or receiving a call that you shouldn’t. We always follow your instructions.

Pediatrician examining baby

Custom Answering Service for Pediatricians

Every medical practice is different, and pediatric offices are no exception. As an experienced medical call center taking calls for hundreds of practices nationwide, we understand the needs of pediatric offices and can tailor our services to meet the exact needs of your practice.

When parents have a problem after hours, or during the day when your office is unavailable, they call your office telephone number and reach the answering service. What happens next is dependent on the call scripting and account instructions you put in place when you set up your account. We can help you personalize your account to ensure that all life-threatening medical emergencies are referred to 911 or the nearest emergency room while other calls that can’t wait for office hours are dispatched to the on-call pediatrician.

Pediatrician On-Call Scheduling & Call Dispatching Services

All of our live answering services include our web-based on-call scheduling software, which can be used to manage your on-call rotation and ensure that our call center is using up-to-date, accurate on-call information. Set your on-call rotation in advance, maintain multiple schedules, set up personalized contact guidelines for each staff member, and more. This helps to reduce errors by ensuring that we are always dispatching calls to the right person using their personalized instructions.

Examples of After-Hours Pediatric Call Dispositions and Account Instructions

Every element of our pediatric answering service can be customized to meet your needs.

  • Emergencies and Calls for the On-Call. For life-threatening emergencies, an automated call screening message can be used to refer callers to 911 or their nearest emergency room. For other urgent calls, we can ask the caller whether their call can wait for office hours, or follow your call filtering instructions to determine what should and shouldn’t reach the provider on-call.
  • New and Existing Patients. After-hours calls can be limited to existing patients while new patients are referred to the office. We can also take non-urgent messages from new patients and hold them for office hours. Existing patients may be allowed to proceed through the call script and reach an on-call doctor depending on the nature of their call.
  • Consults, Facilities, and Calls from Other Doctors. We can take detailed messages for consults as well as calls from other doctors and facilities. These calls can be dispatched per your instructions or the nature of the call.
  • Appointment Scheduling, Test Results, Paperwork, RX, and Other Call Types. There are a number of reasons that a parent may call their pediatrician’s office after hours. Each of these scenarios can be scripted out so that they follow your exact instructions. Should certain RX calls reach the on-call doctor? You got it. Does each on-call doctor have their own instructions? We can account for each provider separately.

Pediatricians are trained to diagnose and treat childhood illnesses, from minor health problems to serious diseases. Our after-hours answering services are designed to help them stay connected to their patients and provide care outside of regular office hours.