HIPAA Messaging Compliance Doesn’t Have To Be Cumbersome

There is immeasurable value to partnering with a call center to support your clinic. Patients that can reach a live person representing your office 24/7 are going to be happier with your services and more comfortable getting medical care.

Yet you also have to make sure that you’re working with a company that not only understands HIPAA compliance, but has the appropriate infrastructure in place to avoid the many fines and legal issues associated with the dissemination of personal/private health information. At Continental Message Solution, we provide 100% HIPAA compliance answering and call center services. The feature that allows us to accomplish this is a variation of SMS messaging that is safe, encrypted, and prevents leaks of personal data.

As Easy As Installing An App

Our Secure Text Messaging System is an efficient, practical, secure way to manage patient inquiries and calls. Calls are received by a CMS staff member trained in both customer service and HIPAA compliance, and those agents enter in all relevant information provided by the patient or caller directly into our secure call-taking system.

The moment the conversation is over, a new SMS message notification will be sent to your email or mobile phone. This alert will not contain any PHI or personal information. Instead, this notification will announce that a message has been taken that requires attention. Once the message is received, your staff can then log into the secure message app, which can be accessed through any medium, including:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • PC

The highly encrypted system is accessed only by entering a valid username and password. Fully HIPAA compliant, the data gathered from your patient’s calls will remain protected, yet be fully visible within the secure system. At the same time, the notification system ensures your staff will be alerted for calls as they come in in real time, allowing them to respond to patient needs quickly and efficiently.

Simplify Communication

Our SMS text messaging system also uses a type of proprietary software that does not go through a mobile phone carrier, allowing you to continue to ensure the privacy of your patients and callers, and because all of our staff members also provide outstanding customer support, you can be certain that your clinic is being well represented.

Safeguard Your Business

Studies have shown that as many as 75% of doctors are not currently compliant with HIPAA standards, and may be sending or leaking private health information. In addition, having patients share their health information on answering machines can be equally dangerous. With the hefty fines of HIPAA audits, it’s important to make sure you’re working with a company that fully understands HIPAA compliance, while also providing a valuable service to your business. Call us today at (800) 369-8908 to find out more about our SMS answering and call center services.