A scaled, integrated and efficient approach to guest service inquiries.

We understand the many frustrations hospitality customers experience. Businesses vary widely in size, scope and the services provided, but common to all is the need to swiftly satisfy guest service requests and prevent small issues from escalating into large ones. Our goal is to resolve requests and problems with the first call. From simple service requests like in-room problems accessing on-line information, to whatever they need. CMS hospitality service call center support is there for your guests 24/7, solving problems without requiring intervention from your staff.

We accomplish it with built-in troubleshooting protocol following scripted steps per your requirements, and integration with your web-based and software applications. Every call is answered live by professionally trained, friendly and sympathetic operators. Keeping customers happy instead of allowing them to become angry travelers. We retrieve their information, update records, answer questions, log each event, and coordinate follow-up by routing calls appropriately. A hospitality customer service call center facilitates problem resolution. It’s good business for you, your staff and your guests.

Selected Features

  • 24/7/365 Customer Service Call Center to deliver client and guest services.
  • Guests shouldn’t wait and polished operators answer every call live.
  • Multilingual Customer Service – we speak their language.
  • BPO Integration to seamlessly interface with your systems and processes.

Hospitality Guest Service Inquiries answered with the first call.