Give your HVAC business a professional voice without the overhead of a full-time receptionist.

HVAC Virtual Receptionist

We’re Always in the Office

You’re in the business of building and fixing things. You and your staff need to be in the field installing and repairing air conditioning units, working on a building’s ventilation system, or repairing heating units. You don’t always have the time to answer calls, schedule appointments, or direct calls where they need to go. CMS can provide virtual HVAC receptionists to do just that.

Decrease Your Overhead

In the HVAC industry, your business grows by adding better-trained, more qualified HVAC technicians to your team. You can’t afford the time and capital to train a traditional receptionist. By using a virtual receptionist, you gain the benefits of a traditional receptionist without investing time and capital.

And unlike a traditional receptionist, you only pay a CMS virtual receptionist when they work for you. Using a virtual receptionist for your HVAC business decreases your overhead, so you can use your capital for what counts.

More than a Receptionist

CMS has over fifty years of experience providing virtual receptionists to the HVAC industry. Our trained professionals act more like virtual assistants. They answer general questions and direct calls to your field personnel. They can even schedule appointments and interact with web-based software.

An Extension of Your HVAC Business

Our virtual telephone receptionists are an extension of your business. They answer the phone the way you want them to every time. In most cases, it’s impossible to tell the difference between a traditional office receptionist and one of our virtual receptionists.

Give your Business a Professional Voice

With thousands of clients across the country, CMS is one of the most trusted companies providing virtual receptionists to the HVAC industry. Our professional staff is ready to give your business the professional voice it deserves.