When your customers need a technician, they need them now. CMS provides 24/7 dispatching services to get your HVAC technicians where they need to be.

Dispatcher in call center paging a HVAC technician

Your Customers Need You

Your customer’s HVAC problems are constant and around the clock. If they have a problem with their air conditioning, they need one of your technicians now, not tomorrow.

CMS provides HVAC companies with 24/7 service dispatching. We’re here to get your technicians where they need to be.

Save Time and Money

Throughout the day, you need to focus on other things. Dispatching your on-call technicians is time-consuming and paying a full-time dispatcher is expensive.

With CMS, we handle incoming calls, determine their nature, and dispatch the appropriate technician for the job. And you only pay us when we’re working for you.

Around-the-Clock Dispatching

If your customer’s air conditioning breaks in the middle of the night, they don’t want to wait for an HVAC technician. They want it fixed now. And if you’re not there to answer the phone, they’ll find a competitor who does. CMS offers HVAC companies 24/7/365 on-call dispatching. We ensure we’re always there to answer the phone to help your customers with their HVAC problems.

Different Solutions for Different Technicians

We know different technicians have different preferences. At CMS, we accommodate various methods to relay calls to your on-call staff. We know different HVAC on-call technicians prefer different things. Whether they want to be called or receive a text message, CMS will get the call to them every time.

Quality Assurance

We don’t just relay calls to your on-call technicians. Our dispatching professionals ensure every call is handled properly. Every call we receive is documented and recorded, so you know what technician received what call and when. CMS also filters the calls, so the right technician receives the right call.

An Extension of Your HVAC Business

CMS is here to work for you. Our services give your business flexibility. Whether you have 24-hour on-call technicians or want someone to cover the phones while the office is at lunch, CMS can provide a solution for you. We are an extension of your business. We answer calls the way you want them answered. Every time.

Our Difference

HVAC companies have trusted CMS to handle on-call dispatching for over fifty years. Let us show why CMS is trusted by thousands of clients across the country.