Our network monitoring call center provides 24 hour staffing to assess and process your system alerts and notifications, helping you respond quickly to critical situations and avoid costly communication failures.

A network monitored by our call center

Improve your responsiveness

What happens if a critical system alert sent via email is missed or disregarded by your team? Could it damage your relationship with clients or harm your bottom line? If so, it’s imperative that you implement a redundant response system that includes call-outs and contingency relay instructions.

Using our network and system monitoring call center, the alerts you already receive via email and SMS can be processed by our live operators and dispatched to your personnel. With a thorough, fail-safe alert response strategy in place, your tech staff can rest assured that every critical network situation receives immediate attention.

Integrated directly with your system

Setting up a network and system monitoring call center with CMS is an easy process. We would be added to the existing alert distribution you have in place, and we would work with you to develop the specific instructions for responding to each type of notification that may be received.

When a network alert or notification is generated, it will be received by a call center agent in our facility who must physically respond to the message in order for it to be cleared. If it is a routine message that can be safely disregarded, we can quickly identify it as such and move on. If it is a critical server down message that needs immediate engineer attention, we can immediately begin phoning your on-call staff and executing your emergency call-out instructions.

An extension of your IT operation

Our operation is designed to blend seamlessly with your own, our call center agents fielding and dispatching calls in the name of your business and following your specific instructions. We can tailor relay instructions to specific members of your staff, set time constraints for different situations, and deliver messages using any number of communication channels, including email, SMS, and voice. Whether you have a distribution list of one hundred technicians or a single on-call engineer, we can implement a solution that meets your needs.

Monitoring services you can trust

In business since 1967 and working with IT departments and technology companies nationwide, CMS is the call center provider you can trust with your critical system alerts. Available 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, we are always prepared to respond at a moment’s notice.

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