Your IT Company is a busy place, and despite their importance, phone calls are often an unwelcome distraction. With our IT answering service, you can ensure each call is answered professionally without disrupting your daily workflow.

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Add professional service to your repertoire

Consumed with the fast-paced and never-ending nature of their work, it’s not surprising that many IT companies neglect less pressing aspects of their business, such as how to handle telephone calls. Despite efforts to push communication online, modern consumers still expect to reach a live person on the phone, and not meeting this expectation can be detrimental to a company’s bottom line.

Utilizing our IT answering service, you can bridge the gap between advanced communication solutions and traditional customer service, providing professional agents to field your incoming calls and handle them based on your instructions. Only paying for the time spent on your account, IT answering services from CMS allow you to protect your profits without sacrificing high quality customer care.

Gain a competitive advantage

We don’t have to tell you how stiff your competition is. New technology firms are forming every day, and standing out from the crowd is of critical importance. By hiring CMS to serve your live answering needs, you can distinguish yourself and provide the personal touch that is all but lost at other technology companies.

Built to your needs

IT answering service from CMS is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We work with our clients to design services that fit their specific needs, adding value to their operation and functioning as a genuine extension of their business.

Features and advantages of our IT answering services include:

  • 24/7/365 availability. We can answer your calls during the day, only when you’re busy, after hours, or around the clock.
  • Call forwarding and routing. Our agents can act as receptionists in your office, routing calls to the appropriate lines based on the person or department requested.
  • Custom scripting and call flow. You determine what information is collected from your callers and how different calls are handled.
  • Flexible message delivery. Information collected on your behalf can be delivered to you via email, SMS, fax, phone, or directly uploaded to your website or CRM software.

With CMS providing live answering for your technology company, you know you’re gaining a partner that understands your business and has the experience and infrastructure necessary to meet your demands.

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