Knowledge base, web forum, email support, ticket system – you seem to have it all covered. But despite these online efforts, certain clients still want to speak with a live person. With tier 1 help desk outsourcing from CMS, you can keep these customers happy without drastically increasing your costs.

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Your first line of support

Instead of resisting the idea of providing telephone support and subsequently damaging relationships, our IT help desk service provides a 24-7 solution for managing these calls effectively. By only paying for the time our agents spend on your calls, you are able to avoid the high costs associated with managing your own call center or paying overtime to existing staff.

Built to the needs of your end-users and existing company workflow, our tier 1 help desk service can be utilized to walk callers through initial troubleshooting, create work tickets, receive and process system notifications, and, when necessary, coordinate with the appropriate personnel within your organization.

Improve your response time

In addition to providing your callers with quality customer service, our tier 1 help desk provides your technology business with a 24 hour call center for processing potentially critical issues. Although many callers need basic support, you never know when you will experience a major system failure that requires immediate attention. With our help desk service, protocols for handling these events are built into our system, allowing us to initiate your emergency response at a moment’s notice.

Advanced integration capabilities

Support requests made through our help desk can be delivered to you in a number of ways, including email, SMS, fax, phone call, or direct submission to your ticket system or CRM software. We maintain in-house programming staff capable of coordinating with you to implement the ideal solution for your firm.

Benefit from our expertise

Just as you know your technology, we know customer service. We have provided communication solutions to thousands of organizations over the last forty years, and we’re the ideal partner for any IT company looking to improve the first level of support that they are providing their users.

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