Our legal appointment scheduling service provides live operators who are available to process calls and schedule appointments around the clock. It’s the ideal solution for attorneys and other legal professionals looking to maintain a full schedule and better serve potential clients.

Legal appointment calendar

Simplify your scheduling

Our legal scheduling service makes it possible to schedule appointments 24-7, not just when your office is open. With this constant availability, you provide clients who are interested in your services with the option of scheduling an appointment immediately, decreasing the likelihood that they will call one of your competitors.

By employing our legal call center professionals to perform scheduling on your behalf, you eliminate the need for callbacks and reduce the workload of your current staff. If you’re a small practice, we can help you compete with larger firms, providing you with the staff and infrastructure you need at a fraction of the cost.

Easy to implement

We recognize that your schedule is hectic as it is and that making time to meet with potential clients can be problematic. With our flexible scheduling software and customized account options, we have the capability of integrating with your existing schedule and set appointments based on your availability. We can keep abreast of your current schedule and set appointments around it, or limit consultations to certain days and times when you are consistently available.

An extension of your office

Our professional legal scheduling service acts as an extension of your office, with our highly trained operators working as receptionists and answering calls in your name. Our scripting and appointment types are all personalized to fit your needs, and our system can be programmed with specific information that we should be providing your callers.

Whether you are a personal injury attorney looking to effectively process and convert incoming leads, or a large firm handling a nationwide product recall, we have the legal scheduling capabilities needed to achieve your objectives.