Our legal intake call center service is designed specifically for law firms seeking an accurate, dependable, and professional way of collecting and processing incoming client data.

Good legal intake leads to more successful consultations like these

Land clients 24-7

Whether your legal practice handles personal injury or criminal defense, you never know when a potential client may call. With our 24-7 legal intake service, you ensure that there is always a live operator available to handle your calls and collect the information you need.

Built for your practice, our intake representatives utilize personalized scripts that you design, gathering the specific data you need to move forward. Enhanced by our intelligent software, scripting can be designed to deviate based on call type, ensuring our agents are always collecting the right information.

Scalable to your needs

Our legal intake call center is capable of handling all of your call volume, whether you are receiving simultaneous inquiries or sporadic calls throughout the night. Unlike a receptionist who can only handle one call at a time, our service allows you to manage every potential caller and never lose a lead.

Reducing your workload

Once collected by our legal intake representatives, your call data can be delivered however you would like it, including via a web-enabled database or email communication. Our objective is to not only capture every potential opportunity but to deliver them in a manner that eliminates the need for data entry and enables you to move quickly.

Improve your marketing efforts

There’s no sense in marketing if you can’t take full advantage of the potential returns. By utilizing our call center for legal intake purposes, you can effectively and accurately gauge responses to different campaigns while simultaneously capitalizing on new leads.

Private and secure

We are cognizant of the private and sensitive nature of your calls and go to great lengths to maintain the integrity of your information. All of our legal intake representatives sign privacy agreements and are committed to the highest level of professionalism. We pride ourselves in being a legal call center that attorneys can trust with their clients and with their reputation.