Off-Site, secure and 100% up-time – we’re there when you can’t be.

In a disaster, emergency communication needs to be a given, not a concern. If your facility is impacted and operations interrupted, CMS is ready. We’re standing-by 24/7, every day, and fly into action. We support you with the communications you need as you coordinate your response. We facilitate by taking calls when you can’t, from a secure, off-site, third-party call center, handle calls from employees, families, and serve as your liaison with emergency personnel. We even dispatch internal response teams and ensure they keep connected.

Documenting and recording each step, coordinating communications between all parties; on-site and off-site, contractors, engineers, management and vendors with their own teams of technical and repair specialists. All part of a contingency plan designed to help you get back up as quickly as possible, triggered by a single phone call from an employee. Scripts and plans can be crafted that are designed for specific events. In every case, employees are kept informed, minimizing down-time for the smoothest and most rapid recovery, with a plant emergency hotline serving as your off-site crisis command center.

Selected Features

  • We’re always on-call to support your operations in any emergency.
  • 100% Up-Time is assured by the redundant back-ups of our Call Center.
  • Professional, highly-trained operators offer calm, confident, experienced help.
  • Customized disaster response, step-by-step processes designed to your needs.
  • Unlimited contingency plans for every possible scenario.
  • Multi-platform communication; text message, email, phone, web and automation.

In a disaster, count on assured communication to get through it.