Efficient processing and reporting of call-offs, absenteeism and more.

Operations need to run like clockwork, 24 hours a day, every day. Limiting downtime and maintaining efficient and ongoing production is no accident, it’s the result of the right processes in place to capture vitally needed information that is routed to the people that need it. We serve as the attendance hotline for factories and manufacturing companies, but we go far beyond attendance, CMS supports operations in critical ways.

Taking employee call-offs and notifying management, we also track attendance over time, report tardies, FMLA requests, and can distribute shift availability notifications by text message and email. There are broad options for supervisor and staffing notifications, and ways to track sick time and vacation time, and further assist with dynamic backfilling and workforce management tailored to your needs. A web-based portal enables management to see it all at a glance, and run comprehensive and customized reports. CMS is your 24/7 central employee attendance center that helps meet your operational goals.

Selected Features

  • 24/7/365 attendance tracking of your workforce.
  • A single, dedicated line for employee attendance calls.
  • We record and timestamp each call.
  • Supervisors and management notifications for shift changes, call-offs and more.
  • Shift availability and backfill requests filled swiftly with mass notifications.
  • Reach everyone, all at once, by text, email or phone with a single message.
  • Web-based attendance reporting puts it all at your fingertips.

Cost-effective and easily customized 24/7 Attendance Hotlines.