24 Hour Telephone Answering Services for Medical Offices and Healthcare Companies

Remaining available to your patients is critical to the success of your practice. CMS medical answering services allow healthcare providers to effectively coordinate their after hours care without drastically increasing costs or burdening existing staff.

Partnering with hundreds of medical facilities and every type of specialty, CMS has over 40 years experience providing medical answering services. Our services are designed to meet your needs and are customized for practices of all shapes and sizes, whether you have one physician needing after hours support or multiple offices requiring 24 hour live answering. Known for superior customer service, highly trained agents, and advanced technical capabilities, CMS is a fully HIPAA compliant call center working with hundreds of medical practices across the country.

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Comprehensive Solutions Personalized for Your Practice

Professional telephone answering services for all of your medical office communication needs. Always have a live voice available to answer your calls.Learn More
Virtual receptionists for medical offices help maintain a courteous telephone presence while freeing office employees to work on other tasks.Learn More
Give patients the ability to schedule and manage their appointments 24 hours a day. Our answering service integrates with numerous web-based calendar systems.Learn More
Be prepared for every emergency call. We refer calls to the emergency room, patch patients to on-call doctors, and facilitate urgent message dispatching.Learn More
Important calls don’t wait for office hours. Maintain availability with after-hours medical answering services and ensure you never miss a call.Learn More
Reduce the cost of missed appointments with patient appointment reminder calls. Help busy patients remember their appointments and cut down on rescheduling.Learn More

Always Remain Available to Your Patients

Losing the ability to communicate with patients for even one day is crippling to a practice. If you lose your power or telephone system, have a weather emergency, or experience a natural disaster, our medical answering service will be available. Your business needs to be prepared for anything. Every call is recorded and time stamped, so you know when each call comes in and when your on-call responds to each page, text message, or email.

Limit On-call Interruptions

How many times have you received a non urgent call that interrupts your personal life or family time? Our medical answering software and professional call center agents screen all calls to ensure physicians only receive the calls that qualify as urgent. Through our advanced medical scripting software, we are able to offer 100% account customization. Each high priority/emergency call is dispatched to the appropriate on-call physician and will continue to be sent until someone is reached, giving your business the quickest response times in the industry.

There is No Substitute for a Live Person

Serving over 1,000 physicians nationwide, CMS is the medical call center solution for all of your live answering needs. We help reduce the possibility of lawsuits by giving your patients’ a live telephone contact 24/7. All without a huge upfront cost or long term commitment.

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