Take donations from supporters on their schedule – 24/7/365.

Sometimes, nothing is harder to plan for than success. Think about it. What if promotions and social media buzz take hold and you’re unable to effectively handle the calls? CMS can serve as your customized inbound fundraising call center, with a 24/7 nonprofit donation hotline that never closes and where every call is always answered live. We skillfully process donations and sign-up new members, serving as your never-overwhelmed in-bound call center presence, helping maximize your outreach across all platforms.

We understand both your mission and the stakes, and know that it takes a lot more than a friendly voice to maximize each call. Count on professional, caring operators that understand your mission, guided by a scripted process that supports it and a technological infrastructure that guarantees it. Designed to give every call the time, attention and expertise it needs and deserves. Best of all, you’ll do it ensuring your organization is always available to raise money, but without the added expense of staff to man the phones to do it.

Selected Features

  • 24/7 Fundraising and Donation Hotline with every call answered live.
  • Compassionate, highly-trained operators serving as your fundraising specialists.
  • Web-based Integration across all platforms to enhance reach and effectiveness.
  • White-Labeled as an extension of your organization and brand.

Surpass your fundraising goals with a 24 hour donation call center from CMS.